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LIIT Fun Dance Cardio Workout- Pleasure #1


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Cardio workouts don't have to be high intensity to work and I'm living proof. I've been practicing LIIT, or Low Intensity Interval Training for many years now and have seen incredible success. Now you can too!

LIIT Fun Dance Cardio Workout- Pleasure #1

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Kim Maas

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Ashley Brown

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Competition Tips > New here and competition around the corner!

Hey ladies, I hope I'm posting this correctly; I'm a bit illiterate when it comes to these forums. :) Quick background: I've been lifting and running for about a decade, and got seriously about weighlifting about a year ago. My friend encouraged me to do a bikini competition, and I haven't signed up for but have been cutting for a show on October 4th, in 5.5 weeks. Few questions: Does everyone have these swings in confidence I've been having? One day I think my body fat is far to high to compete, the next I think I don't have nearly the muscle mass required. I have my suit, my shoes, have booked my hair and makeup, and I do want to do it, but man, I'm terrified of embarrassing myself! I'm at 5'5", 116 lbs, and 12% body fat currently. I don't have aspirations of placing, just going up there and not looking like the "odd woman out". Additionally, I had an almost full-term twin pregnancy four years ago, and my stomach is a wreck. I have severe stretch marks, some wrinkly skin, and my waist is much wider than it used to me. Am I naive in thinking the tan with help with this? Would anyone be willing to take a look at some photos and give me genuine, honest feedback? Thank you so much for this forum - I've been all over the interwebs looking for something where people seem to genuinely care about each other, and I think I found it. :)

Posted By KBurrill16

Diet > Carbs

Kristin Shaffer

Ashley congrats on working toward your first competition! You look GREAT!!! I'm a huge proponent of continuing to do what works for you. If you're measuring and tracking your progress and you're on track to hit your goal then continue to keep it in your diet. If you stall out on your fat loss you might consider switching out to more fibrous carbs. I hope that helps! With love, Kristin

Posted By fabeditor

Diet > Carbs

Ashley  Rasico

I'm sorry if this is already asked and I am sure it has been but... What is everyone's opinions on Ezekiel bread? When should you stop eating it if it's okay to have...I'm doing army first bikini show in October.. I'm doing It without a coach...

Posted By AshleyKristine

Diet > Sticking to diet plan!

Kristin Shaffer

Wow that's AWESOME!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you!!! Oh my goodness thank you so much for sharing your success and please do keep my posted! With love, Kristin <3

Posted By fabeditor

Exercise > Butt

I have lost a bit of weight over the past 5 weeks or so. I have taken photos of myself and decided I am a 'pear' shape. In the photos I feel I have a saggy butt and too much cushion on my thighs , hips ect. So basically my goal for the next so many months is to really focus on lifting my butt and tightening the thighs. I just purchased a back hyperextention machine. It is great. I feel it very quickly in the workout. I am just not too sure how many reps I should be doing. I want to keep going at it to really lift that butt area...but I don't want to do too much and hurt my back (if that's what would happen with too much). I guess that's my question. How many should I do and work up to?

Posted By kazzepink

Diet > Sticking to diet plan!

Just a thankyou shout out to Kristen. With her videos on youtube, and even cooking instrutions...I have pretty much been following I have lost over 10 pounds in about 6 weeks! I have had some cheats here and there but nothing like before! I feel satisfied with the food I am eating...a whole lot better. Keep em comin!

Posted By kazzepink

Diet > Coffee and Weight Loss

I would love information on being a coffee distrubitor! :) I add splenda and sugar free french vanilla creamer.

Posted By jsaldivar

Exercise > glutes

I have this same problem. I am 8 weeks out from my first figure comp, and everything else is coming along, but when I look at my glutes in my bathroom mirror, I shudder. I am starting to do extra cardio in the morning. Two days of light steady cardio for 30 minutes on my stationary bike, along with my weight training in the afternoon and HIIT. The other 5-6 days I am doing step ups,body squats, side lunges with a band, donkey kicks, and as much walking as possible(I'm a stay at home mom so it is super easy for me to sit on my butt and drink coffee). I will also be training glutes and thighs twice a week now instead of once. Is this too much or am I on track? And is 8 weeks enough time to tighten my backside. ALL of my fat is in my butt and thighs.

Posted By s_watson84

Competition Tips > Makeup Color??

Haley Ghislain

Aw, thanks so much! I absolutely will :)

Posted By Haleymorgan

Exercise > Body Beast? Cathe Freidrich?

Thanks. I just purchased the book, cannot wait to get into it later on after work! I check myself in the mirror, I tried posing to see what I look like and pick myself apart as what needs work. I have taken photos of myself. I know my stomach needs flattening and that part goes without saying in most people I guess. My upper body seems fine (always needs work) but my hips have too much fat on them as do my upper thighs. My butt hangs too low. When I compare my photos to photos of women in a bikini competition, I know mine is too low. Back to the stomach, I gather when my stomach gets down so does my waist. I did buy a skin fold caliper from amazon so I am waiting for that to arrive today. I will probably be on here quite a bit. Thanks.

Posted By kazzepink