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Juicing for Weight Loss. Does it Work?


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There are so many claims that juicing can help us to lose weight and get into amazing shape. Juicing recipes abound all over social media and the internet. But is it true?

Juicing for Weight Loss.  Does it Work?

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Lisa Hart

Lisa Hart

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lynn ritter

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Diet > Monitoring the effects of different carbohydrates

Pierce Drury

Oops, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to post twice. But anyway... Hi! I'm new here. I'm in the beginning of my prep for a show at the end of the summer. I have a new coach and she gave me some homework. Namely, she would like for me to eat specific carbohydrates for a few days (like only oats as a carb source for 4 days, then brown rice for 4 days, then white rice, then potatoes, etc.) and monitor their effects on my body. My question: Have you done anything like this before? If so, what did you notice? I plan on monitoring general energy levels, vascularity, regularity, feeling of hunger/fullness, bloating... Is there anything else that you've noticed when you switch up your carbohydrates? Thank you in advance!

Posted By hpdrury

Diet > Starting from ground 0

Courtnie Krebs

Hi everyone. I'm 31 years old. Recently I've been really working hard on eating right and working out. I've lost 25 lbs over the last four months. My bf, unfortunately isn't happy with what I've accomplished thus far. I really want a goal to work for and keep me motivated so I thought why not find out what it takes from the very beginning and if other goals were set first. what's a good place to start? I'm also having a hysterectomy next week and know recovery will be long before I can resume working out again. I really want to build self confidence and esteem and show my son that hard work pays off. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Posted By cdkrebs

Welcome - From the Editor > New here from Texas

Julie Thomas

Hi y'all. I am new to this site, not new to fitness, but got off track after around age 35 or so. I am currently 42, weighing 135.4, and with 26.1% body fat. I used to be a size 0 & extremely fit so I know what is needed to get there & I hadn't been taking it seriously until recently. I had been exercising & lying to myself that I was eating better than what I used to & that would be good. Well I finally reached the turning point where I was ready to kick it into gear. As of 9/14/15 I started the Jamie Eason Livefit Trainer which consists of totally clean eating, weight lifting, & cardio. To date I have lost 5.3 lbs & 6.4% body fat. My initial goal was to get to a weight of 118.7 lbs with a body fat of 16%. Now that I have started noticing change it has peaked my interest in competing in a bikini contest. I had no desires to compete before but a spark has now been lit. There is a competition in my area on Dec of 2016. That is a good amount of time to get to where I want to be safely. I have a very long road ahead of me but I am definitely up to the challenge & excited about this change in my life. I found your site & am so grateful. I hope I can be inspired & inspire others in my journey.

Posted By bendyprissy

Exercise > Body Beast? Cathe Freidrich?

Julie Thomas

I have a couple of Cathe's step videos that will kick your butt so I bet all her videos are pretty good.

Posted By bendyprissy

Diet > Pescatarian Diet

I have been working with this diet and hopefully will soon achieve the target.

Posted By OllieVantassel

Diet > Pescatarian Diet

Susan Alley

I would love to keep up with you gals. I have been working toward a pescetarian diet, no gluten, no dairy, so very excited to see April's post. I would like to compete again next year but have always done the chicken, fish, etc and low carbs so am experimenting now hoping to get my diet down before I set my sites on a competition next year. Have also been struggling with the age thing and although I eat healthy predominantly, the weight either wants to creep on or hardly budge. Can be so frustrating. So I found this forum.

Posted By susanal

Competition Tips > How old is too old?

Susan Alley

I love to find other women that are close to my age and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. I am 46. I started competing right before I turned 40 but have not competed in 4 years but would like to get back on stage. I am a weigher and measurer, of food, but also have my momemnts where I eat something that I shouldn't but as much as I am aware and good most of the time, I have found as I have gotten older, even being good, the weight creep up. My friends say "welcome to hormones' but I am not accepting that I should just be good with my weight creeping up. I am pretty solid from workouts but still weigh more than I would like, struggle with the cottage cheese stuff on the back of my legs and far from getting back on stage but working toward it. To make things more interesting, I am veering toward a pescetarian diet that is also gluten and dairy free. However, researching pescetarian diets and competing, I found this website :)

Posted By susanal

Competition Tips > How old is too old?

alaska culmone

Just an update. You were right my skin is looking better. The muscle is filling it out and I'm feeling mush more confident! My booty on the other hand is taking forever to shap up. It seems what took me 1 week to achieve in my 20's is now taking me a month. We oldies have to work out harder then the young'ens.😕 if they only new. LOL!

Posted By sassymare

Diet > 13 Weeks Out

Kristin Shaffer

Hi Shawnette! I'm sending you an email so we can chat directly. :) With love, Kristin

Posted By fabeditor

Diet > 13 Weeks Out

Shawnette Flores

Hello There! I am currently 13 weeks out from my first Bikini Competition. I have been using this program as a base for the first 3 weeks to establish a system. From the first two weeks, I've dropped 5lbs or so, and noticed my measurements had gone down as well. This 3rd week seemed a little more stagnant for me and my weight and measurements were roughly the same. What I am curious about is whether or not to modify my plan, or ride out another week or so. I am very active - fasted cardio 3x/week for 25 min and lift 6 days per week. I consume 1500 calories per day at 192g Protein, 98g Carbs and 41g Fat. I'm at roughly 20% Body Fat. How long would you recommend waiting before modifying either my diet or gym time? Any suggestions or insight would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Posted By Floressm