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Competition Tips 90 594 By kosborn
Exercise 22 72 By CrunchTime
Lifestyle of Fitness 13 549 By fabeditor
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Competition Tips > First Bikini competition over 40???

kristine osborn

Hi everyone. This is my first post. I'm 45 and considering doing my 1st bikini competition this year. I now work out 4-5 days/week for over a year and am if pretty good shape but I don't understand how cut bikini girls get. I'm 5'11" and weigh 135-140 lbs. wear a size4. This is my normal. I've dropped from a 6 since I started lifting and putting on some muscle. My issue is that I'm really tall and most ladies I see compete seem more petite. If I drop much weight my abs show but my arms get really lean. How do I know how thin is too thin for this category? I'll try to load some full body pics later. Also I'm an EXTREMELY fair red head! Any suggestions on fake tanning products? I've never been able to tan- just freckle. Or is this just not for me??

Posted By kosborn

Upcoming Competitions > Where to Even Begin

I want to compete at 41 yrs old, sometime in 2015. It would likely not be until July or later. I have no idea where to even begin. Any suggestions on where to get swim suits, accessories, shows, hair/makeup, etc....I have no idea where to even begin looking for this information and I am getting over whelmed. Any help would be so greatly appreciated!!!

Posted By wannabemybest2015

Exercise > Need to help out a friend that wants to compete

I always thought that the main difference in the womens (natural) division is just the level of body fat. As such, perhaps your training would be good for her anyway, its just that she wouldn't have to diet as hard... If you've already been competing you probably have a little more size/muscle maturity over your friend so you wouldn't come out looking the same anyway. You will probably find you can show her the ropes easily enough, just make sure her technique is on point! I am so happy to see women in this industry happy to help others, I have found that some of the girls competing where I am don't want to share any info with other girls, as though its their little secret. Very sad to see.

Posted By CrunchTime

Exercise > glutes

What Kristin said! (sadly) I know backstage I noticed that glutes and backs of the thighs is most womens weaknesses so you're not alone! I love hip thrusters with a weighted bar. I'm really only familiar with getting results with weights as I go to a gym. One thing is for sure, building muscle is the only way to tighten. Have you tried skaters? (just google for the technique) I found those quite tough.

Posted By CrunchTime

Exercise > Butt

I like to do 3 - 5 sets of 10 to 12 reps, but I hold a weight plate up to 15kg - 20kg or so. Not sure what others do if they are doing body weight only? I would think maybe around 20? I found some of the best things for the butt is using a circle resistance band doing kickbacks, step ups (at a challenging hight) and plyo lunges. All of these things can be done at home :) If you have joined a gym, I really like doing hip thrusters with a weighted bar. Hope this helps!

Posted By CrunchTime

Diet > Macro split for diet

I'm working on rebuilding my metabolism before I pick a show, so right now I'm doing a 40/40/20 getting myself off a carb cycle and adding in some carbs slow as I add cals

Posted By Nickstrr

Competition Tips > Coach vs Personal Trainer?

Thank you so much for clearing that up!

Posted By Antoinette

Competition Tips > Coach vs Personal Trainer?

Kristin Shaffer

Hi Antoinette and thank you for such a great question! And... congratulations on making the decision to compete this year. It's SOOOOOO so so fun! :) I'm prepping right now for the spring shows and getting very excited. Now that I've done this for a bit I know what to expect generally and can just relax and let my diet and training sculpt my body. It's an amazingly rewarding process. To answer your question, the terms "coach" and "trainer" are really used interchangeably and mean the same thing. I hope that helps! With love, Kristin

Posted By fabeditor

Competition Tips > Coach vs Personal Trainer?

Greetings! My best girlfriend and I are going to start competing in bikini this year. I just turned 50 and she is 45. A friend of ours referred us to a PT couple who are also bodybuilders. She said they specialize in training bodybuilders and folks preparing for competitions. We’re getting ready to interview them to see if this this is the route for us. I’ve been hearing the words “coach” and “trainer.” What is the difference between the two?

Posted By Antoinette

Diet > Breakfast Meal Ideas

Kristin Shaffer

I love that! If I don't prep my meals my week is a mess.

Posted By fabeditor