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Diet > Casein

Does anyone have a sugar-free casein that tastes good you can recommend? Most of what I have found contains sugar and 5-6 carbs. Thanks!

Posted By LisaHa

Upcoming Competitions > coffe creamer while on prep

I use flavored sugar free creamer in my coffee. My trainer suggested that when the time use cinnamon , a little vanilla extract and skim milk instead...It just temporary until after the show.

Posted By kazzepink

Diet > 2 Weeks Out - Plateauing

I would definitely decrease your carbs to assist leaning out the next 2 weeks. Eat any carbs about 30-60 mins prior to working out and avoid them for the rest of the day unless it is a non-starchy salad or vegetable. If you switch your cardio to longer sessions at a steady pace you will engage your fatty acid oxidative energy system, meaning you will burn fat for energy instead of ATP-CP during your sprint sessions. Even if you can do 30 mins (or 5km) steady runs 4x each week that will greatly help.

Posted By kiki8411

Diet > 2 Weeks Out - Plateauing

I'm two weeks out from my bikini competition, and I feel liked I've hit a bad plateau this past week in regards to fat loss. I'm down to that last little belly pooch that is always the last thing to go, and I'm afraid I'm not going to get rid of it in time. I'm currently doing my usual strength training 5-6 days per week, and 5-6 days of 15 100-yard sprints this past week to try and ditch this fat (I was doing stairclimber intervals 4-5 days per week before week 3). I'm 5'10", 145lbs. I've been counting my macros, and I adjusted them to 160 carbs, 145 protein, 45 fats the past two weeks (down from 180 carbs, 160 protein, 40 fats). This past week, I also cut out all processed foods and these are my meals: - 4 whole eggs - 2 egg whites - 1/2 cup rolled oats - tilapia/cod/halibut - sweet potatoes - brussel sprouts/asparagus/broccoli My fiber intake is around 25-30g, I don't monitor my sodium intake but I avoid salts, and I drink around 1.5-2 gallons of water per day. Before week 3, I saw progress every week. But I feel like I've stopped seeing any progress this past week and a half/two weeks. And with the changes I made in my diet and cardio, shouldn't I be seeing some changes? I know I will not do well if that belly pooch is still there in two weeks. Am I missing something? Are there any tips and tricks I should be trying out for that extra leaning up at the end? Thanks!

Posted By alyssajalyn

Upcoming Competitions > coffe creamer while on prep

I am about 10 weeks out of my second show. I stopped using my sugar free creamer at 4 weeks. I want to make more changes this time, I feel I am behind this time around. Any suggestions for my coffee..besides black lol

Posted By jeeanna

Diet > Photoshoot Prep

Maureen Vincenty

Hey there everyone! I am having my first official photoshoot in a couple of weeks to capture some professional photos of me to promote my business as a certified personal trainer and health coach. The photos will probably go on my website and my business cards. I may do some in a sports bra w/yoga pants outdoors, etc. The photoshoot will be more mind/body/soul vs fitness modeling, but I still wnat to look my best. I am about 11% bf right now and feel great, but I was wondering what tips you all may have for me so I can be sure to look and feel my best day of. I have never competed before, so I am not familiar with peak week or competition prep strategies. Any help or advice on what to eat and or avoid etc for the week leading up to the shoot would be great appreciated. My diet is already very clean. I don't drink alcohol or consume processed foods or sugars. I also don't consume grains or legumes (basically paleo). Thank you!!!!

Posted By mpv83

Diet > Crazy amounts of food in my diet. Is it really going to help me lose weight?

Oh, I forgot to add that I use Kristin's 6 day split to weight train, and I usually do 4-5 days of fasted cardio in the morning. I just started everything in December. :)

Posted By JenniferMa

Diet > Crazy amounts of food in my diet. Is it really going to help me lose weight?

Hi Ladies!! First of all, I just want to say what an awesome forum this is!! You ladies rock! I just bought the competition ebook in December, but had been reading the info here and watching Kristin's videos since September. So, here's my question: I really cant believe how much food I am suppose to eat...Oh, man!!! Here's my stats that the spreadsheet gave me: Body Fat % 16.78 My goal is 10% by 4/9/17 Bodyfat lbs 22.32 Lean BM 110.68 I am 46, 5'4" and weigh 133 currently. The spreadsheet says my daily target cals should be: 1889 and my BMR: 1318.15 I set my macros at 45/35/20 I am just REALLY nervous by that many cals to lose weight!! There are some days I cannot get in all my meals. It's usually one of my morning meals (carb and fat) On those days, do I need to still try to eat the meal I missed alongside another meal, so I can get all the cals/macros in for the day? Or just not eat it? I think I just need to shift my mindset to it being okay to eat this much, but would love to hear some feedback. For instance, when I pick any veggie for my carb for meal #5, it is usually at least 5 cups or somewhere around 550 or more grams of that veggie! (Ex: green beans 590 grams, cauliflower 548g) Thanks in advance for any feedback regarding this - and what to do about that missed meal!!!

Posted By JenniferMa

Competition Tips > Tanning Question

@mendyroberts: Yes, its absolutely necessary to get rid of all body hair! Not only will you need it for your tanning, but you'll look so much better on stage as well! I'll strongly recommend you to get waxed instead of shaving. It can be done several days in front om competition day, typically 4-5 days.

Posted By Bikinigurl

Diet > Protein

I have chronic kidney disease and other medical issues. I can't eat more than 70g of protein a day. Unfortunately, that is significantly less than most people recommended for competition. Is it possible to still have success without a lot of protein? Would you allow yourself more time to reach your goal? Could you do something different?

Posted By treyesmu