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Diet > Where did my period go?

Hello, I have been training and dieting for a competition coming in May and I will be scheduled to get my period right around this time. This is not my first show however last time I competed my period was delayed and the very next day I started. I remember that show my hormones were crazy which affected my stage presents in bikini and I felt bloated and just not myself. Im a little concerned with how this show will go and if there are any tips or tricks that I could learn to help this go smooth. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Posted By maryb

Competition Tips > Stretchmarks looked awful

I competed in my first bikini competition last weekend. I have a lot of stretchmarks on my stomach and thighs that I expected the spray tan to cover but instead it looked worse. I looked like a zebra!! I still did well and was told that they could not be seen by the audience during prejuding. However, I was very self conscious walking around backstage looking like this. And by the evening show, I was told they could be seen by the audience. Does anyone have any advice on how to make them blend for next time? Makeup or coverup?

Posted By ChristyRi

Upcoming Competitions > Lakewood, Ohio

Kristen Soinski

Hi everyone! Im new here (: Im competing in my FIRST ever bikini competition in Lakewood, Ohio this October. Can anyone offer any tips regarding suits, diet, cardio, etc? Any good prep recipes too! Im a vegetarian. Im 5'1 and about 102 pounds.

Posted By KristenSoinski

Diet > Struggling To Eat!!

Amer Beamer

Hmmm. I thought I was the only one who went through this. My prob, on top of that, is that I don't like egg whites. Smothered my meat in salsa for a while and force fed myself. We even raise our own meat, so I think this must be an eating disorder of some kind. I got through it by at least eating protein bars and drinking protein shakes until is passed. I wasn't pregnant either...Hang in there.

Posted By AmyBa

Competition Tips > Competition Shoes

Amer Beamer

Hi Rebecca, I bought mine from Stakked Couture. I have VERY WIDE FEET! I wear a size 7 1/2 but ordered a 7. Fit just snug enough that they'll fit perfectly, from posing practicing in them, by the time competition actually comes. Lydia Square Toed Competition Heel.

Posted By AmyBa

Competition Tips > Competition Shoes

Rebecca Fisher

Hi Guys! So, as at today I am officially 8 weeks out from my first ever bikini comp (Pure Elite, Manchester) I am really struggling to find a pair of shoes that fit me, and it's starting to stress me out! :( I'm normally about a size 6 shoe now, but I tried a pair of size 8 comp shoes on and they were far too narrow! Has anyone else had this problem? Would love some direction, hints and tips! I basically need wide feet shoes! Thanks Rebecca xx

Posted By RebeckSian

Competition Tips > Training for Bikini

Hello, I love reading all these posts!! I am currently training for a bikini competition. I have been eating clean x 6 weeks and mistakenly assumed it was around was way higher!! I possibly wasn't eating enough and started the meal plan here. I am going to see how it goes. I had cut down on my cardio in the beginning and was training with heavier weights. I could see a decrease in fat in my abs but couldn't believe that my BF was up around 29%! Has anyone had significant problems with bodyfat?? I feel it will never go away. I am going to watch it really closely. Any suggenstions would be greatly appreciated! It is great reading all your posts. Such a supportive environment!!

Posted By Lyndeanna

Competition Tips > First Bikini Competition advice

Meaghan Senn

I was thinking about taking fit miss tone and burn or cellucor's clk for a fat burner, what do you think is the best fat burner that contains cla and l-carintine? i usually drink one coffee a day, i have a coach that works on posing with me

Posted By meaghanms

Competition Tips > First Bikini Competition advice

Sandra Desmarais

Hey Meaghan, you are looking very good. If you are looking to take a fat burner, the simple EC (Ephedrine Caffeine) stack is by far the cheapest and best way to go. The other combination pills are not FDA regulated and you have no idea whats in them. I'm someone who can drink 3 coffees a day so i would take 1 caffeine (200mg) and 2 ephedrine (8mg) twice a day (morning and noon) and drop to 1 coffee a day. I don't suggest taking 2 caffeine pills at the same time ... it gives me a head ache ... but your can add 1 ephedrine per dose if you have a high tolerance to stimulants.... If your doubting yourself a bit... my advice is a posing coach... i found it to be a great investment, you'll have confidence in yourself when you walk out on stage, my coach had her sessions in a very well lit place with mirrors where i could really see all my definition and she would be very honest on my progress... not only that but the way you pose will weigh in on the judges decision. Good Luck :)

Posted By SandraDes

Competition Tips > First Bikini Competition advice

Meaghan Senn

I'm doing my first bikini competition June 6 so I'm about 9 weeks out. I posted some progress pictures that I took today and I'd really appreciate it if y'all could give me your opinions and any suggestions you have whether it has to do with working out, dieting, things i need to work on etc. I need to lose some more fat in my lower stomach and sides, tighten up my butt and develop my abs some more. I also don't seem to have much of a waist line and I feel like its making me look a little boxy. I'll write my meal plan down below. I'm currently taking why protein and a bcaa. I want to start taking a fat burner but don't know which one. I was thinking maybe FitMiss Tone and Burn. Let me know what you guys thinks, any tips, and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Meal 1: 4 egg whites, one piece of ezekiel bread Meal 2: one piece of fruit, one scoop of protein powder Meal 3: 4oz of chicken, 1 cup of brown rice, 1 cup of veggies Meal 4: 5 oz tilapia or 4 oz ground turkey, 1 cup of veggies Meal 5: one tbs of natural peanut butter, one scoop of whey protein

Posted By meaghanms