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Casein Protein - What is it and what can it do for you?

Casein Protein - What is it and what can it do for you?


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There has been a lot of buzz in the figure and bodybuilding world in the last few years concerning casein protein. It's one of those secrets that competitors keep close, knowing how great it works, but not sharing it with too many outsiders. If you haven't heard about it read on and see how this one little protein can help you achieve your goals.

Casein protein is derived from milk. And due to it being very poorly soluble in water, is absorbed very slowly in the body. Try taking a scoop of casein and mix it with a little water. The result is almost a gel-like substance. The unique properly, unlike whey protein, makes casein ideal for a slow-absorption muscle maintainer overnight.

Many figure competitors and bodybuilders use casein as a protein supplement taken just before bedtime to aid in the assistance of muscle growth or maintenance. The reasoning behind this is simple. The body is essentially fasting for the eight or so hours that we sleep. For muscle growth or maintenance this is not good. When the body is searching for fuel during this time, it will turn to our muscles first if nothing else is available, thereby making muscle gains or maintenance difficult. A scoop of casein protein taken with water stems off the deterioration of muscle during this fasting period.

So be sure to include casein protein in your figure or bikini competition diet in order to see the results of your hard work in the gym.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Should you drink casein all the way up to the last week, or at some point, should you cut it out?

If you're still dropping fat or maintaining what you have (depends on your goal and how close you are) then I would keep it in. I'm still eating my 6 egg whites every night right up to the night before the show. It's one of my favorite meals. Oh... wait... they're ALL my favorite meals! ;)

With love,

Thank you so much! This forum had had the most useful info I've found so far :)


What if you're just not hungry and put anything else in your body. Is it ok to NOT have the casein before bed? Or just force it down :)

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