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SuperSet-Mania - Leg Day

SuperSet-Mania - Leg Day


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This is my workout performed yesterday. I always start to do SuperSet workouts about 2 weeks out from my competition to sneak in some cardiovascular activity and to really get my muscles poppin!! Take a was awesome!I absolutely LOVE leg days!!!

So after doing this workout yesterday, I almost crawling out the gym! I just had to share with the FAB women!! Enjoy!

Sissy Squats (Using a Sissy Squat Station)
-superset with...
Standing Leg Curls ----> 3x20

Leg Extentions
-superset with...
Lying Leg Curls ----> 3x15-20

Barbell Squats
-superset with...
Dumbbell Lunges ----> 3x15-20

Romanian DeadLifts
-superset with...
Dumbbell Step-ups ----> 3x20

2 minutes Plyo-Step-ups (30 sec intervals)

Donkey Calf Raises
-Giant set with...
Standing Calf Raises
-Giant set with...
Standing Glute KickBack ---> 3x20

WHEW!! AND DONE!!! Awesome!!!! I always feel A-MAAAAZING after a great leg day..hope you guys like it as much as I do. You will also notice that I have some high reps in there. Make sure you choose a weight that gets difficult the last 5-8 reps. If you are flying through the 20 reps with no problem, then you have gone too light. Aloha!!

Author: Alphradezsa Lezama

Member Comments

love this as legs are my hardest targets right now.. especially the hamstrings!! thank you :) ~ Stephanie

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