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Sponsorship - We All Want..Here Are Some Tips to Make it Happen!!

Sponsorship - We All Want..Here Are Some Tips to Make it Happen!!


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Some of us have it, and those of us who dont dream of the day it will happen! Well, 90% of the time, companies WILL NOT seek YOU out..I don't care how awesome you look. If we want them to help us out, we need to show them just WHY we are so awesome and just how we can help THEM! ;)

Richard Gaspari has provided some awesome information on how to get sponsored. It is a dream of mine to get sponsored by his company, Gaspari Nutrition. If you cant tell already from my articles, I am a huge fan of their products. I don't want to be sponsored because of their name, but solely because they make awesome supplements. I would have a hard time representing a company of whom I didn't believe in, so being sponsored by Gaspari would be a perfect fit for me! When Richard came out with this video on GaspariTV it helped steer me in the right direction. I hope it helps out with you guys as well, as it pertains to any company, not just Gaspari Nutrition.

Author: Alphradezsa Lezama

Member Comments

This is a great introduction to promoting yourself to get sponsorships. I think a lot of amateur competitors think the sponsors will seek them out. This certainly dispels that presumption. Thanks for posting this!

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