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Is it More Beneficial to Eat Before or After Your Workout?

Is it More Beneficial to Eat Before or After Your Workout?


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Pre-workout this and post-workout can all get a little confusing. What is better to take..should you take it after or eat before? I say both!!! And here is how you do it!

So now that we have it done that it is important to eat before AND after your workout. Here is how it is done.

What you know you need:


The only thing that changes between pre and post is WHAT KIND of Carb you are eating. I think I will spare you the science on how carbs are broken down and moved through your system. For easy readings sake I will give it lamens terms :). You have "fast carbs" and you have "slow carbs". Fast carbs are food that are, into the bloodstream and vice versa. Examples of this include white sugar, white pototoes, & most fruits you have to peel (or remove the outer layer for it to edible. Some examples of slow carbs are oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, & apples.

Before you workout you want to ingest slow absorbing carbs to give your body a steady flow of energy. It is also beneficial to take in some fat and always-some protein. It is good to take fat before because it can slow down absorption. A good pre-workout "quickie" could be an apple with some peanut butter and a whey protein shake.

Now, post workout your goal is rapid delivery of carbohydrates and protein to your depleted muscles. So you would be ingesting the fast carbs here. Also, DO NOT INGEST FAT DURING THIS TIME...IT SLOWS THINGS DOWN!! And another tip...DONT EAT FRUIT. They are fast absorbing, but it has to pass through the liver prior to getting to where you need it, so cross that banana out! Now, you can eat a meal, but I always suggest that you DRINK your post workout meal. Why? It simply takes longer to digest whole foods and the goal is to get it in FAST. So drink up and then about 1 hour later have your whole food meal. A good example of a post workout "meal" could be Waxy Maize and a Whey Isolate Protein Shake. Waxy Maize is a starch that is absorbed through the gut, making delivery to muscles very, very fast. If you are taking Waxy Maize, always wait about 15 minutes until you take your protein shake, as the protein will slow the absorption of the maize down..and,again, we DON'T want ANY slow activity going on!

So that brings me into the next tip-timing. Timing is extremely important for both pre and post workout. Here are some general guidelines I go by:

-If you eat a whole food meal prior, wait about 45min-1 hour before you workout.
-If you drink your meal prior, or half or your meal was a protein shake, you wait about 20-30 minutes before you workout.

-When you are done training, and I mean the MOMENT you put that weight down...take in your post workout supps AS SOON AS YOU CAN! The sooner the better. It is best within 45 minutes for optimum results. Another tip for Waxy Maize. It tastes like chalk, so I always mix it with my SciVation Xtend (BCAA Product). It tastes like watermelon and the waxy maize isnt affected negatively with the addition of the BCAA's.

So eat up BEFORE and AFTER to get the best results!! Take advantage of that post workout a little on some days and give yourself a small treat ;) If there was any time to get away with it, it would be then! Aloha Ladies!!

Author: Alphradezsa Lezama

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So your meal after your workout (and after the shake), what kind of carbs would you ingest??

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