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Children Love Fun, so Why Should Fitness Be Different?

Children Love Fun, so Why Should Fitness Be Different?


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Kids seek out things that make them happy. That's just the nature of children. So it makes sense that they would love to play all day and eat junk most of the time-its fun. Incorporating a fit lifestyle into your child's everyday life shouldn't be a difficult task. All you have to do is make it fun and they will LOVE it!!!

Every Veggie I can think of,except for cooked
Egg Whites with Salsa
Baked Chicken
Sweet Potatoes

Whats this list??? Some of 3-year-old favorite foods. Josiah, my son, has no problem eating clean. Now, does he actually know there is a difference from eating clean? To some degree, yes, but if you don't give your child all that "dirty" stuff ALL the time..well...they don't miss it-especially if you make the clean stuff taste just as awesome!

Does this mean that I don't allow him his M&M's that he adores so much? Absolutely not, and there is not a time that we go grocery shopping where he doesn't get his small bag of M&M's. He understands that he needs to eat "real food" before he gobbles those chocolate, candy-coated peanuts though.. that's for sure! He also eats lots of treats..but they are all clean. Here are some tips to incorporate fun in the kitchen with your child.


Kids love to have there hands in stuff..especially toddlers. They also love to help due to their discovering of independence. Take advantage of this and allow them to help in the kitchen. Even if it means stirring a mix-kids will think they helped a ton, AND it boosts their self-esteem. I ALWAYS call Josiah in to help me in the kitchen, especially if I plan on introducing a new recipe to him. If your child is involved in creating the new food, he will be more inclined to eat it. Works every time!


Okay, I know Josiah will just stare at me if I try to truly explain this concept to him, but I work with what he can comprehend. Toddlers understand concepts like "big", "small","tall", and "strong". Josiah can tell anyone that too much sugar isn't good for him this way:

"I cant eat too much sugar..its too big...I need to eat little sugar..its smaller. If I eat too much, my tummy will hurt. Meat & broccoli will make me big and strong with muscles like yoooou mommy"

I kid you not. He told me that So he understands that he shouldn't eat too much of the good stuff, and if I ask him if he wants another cookie, he will tell me that he already had one. Lol..all him- I promise!


Again, kids like to be involved. The produce section in a grocery store is an EXCELLENT place for children to learn. For example, Josiah has this "I like Fruit" book. There are all different types of foods in there. When we go to the store, he will bring his book and try to match the fruit in the store to his book. Also, if there is a food he hasn't tried yet, I will find it and he will put some in a bag to try his new fruit. Its so exciting for him. I will take him in every aisle, that I shop in, and I encourage his questions. He loves going grocery he gets to have those M&M's ;)


This goes into the including thing again. It is very important. I have tons of clean eating recipe books and we will sit together and skim through it. If he picks out something we will go get the ingredients and make it. Very simple-and its clean.

- Workout with Your Child

No, don't go to the gym with them of course, but buy your child some weights. Josiah has a pair of 3-lb weights. He can show someone how to work his arms and how to do calf raises. He loves it, and it so cute watching him! Every now and then I will grab my weights with him and we will do some reps :D


There you have it, some fun tips to involve your child and not shock them with change! It's also great bonding and will make you love your fit lifestyle that much more!

Author: Alphradezsa Lezama

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