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Profile of a Figure Competitor

Profile of a Figure Competitor


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A figure competitor lives a life of passion, discipline, focus, and direction. She is between the ages of 18 and 60, is beautiful inside and out, and loves her life. Her friends think she's crazy at times, as focused as she can be, dragging her roller-cooler with her where ever she goes. They mock her at girls-night-out when she orders a baked chicken breast and steamed vegetables. They watch in awe as she eats her fifth meal of the day. She doesn't let that get to her though. She just smiles, shrugs, and happily moves forward toward her goal.

Figure competitions are a recent phenomena, only truly hitting the mainstream just after the turn of the century. Women that loved to workout and eat clean, but didn't want to put on the muscle required for female bodybuilding, finally had an avenue to show their hard work. The category quickly grew, with figure competitors outnumbering women bodybuilders six to one.

Shortly after figure competitor category took the industry by storm, women found the competition intensifying, increasing making it more difficult to win with the look they worked so hard for. What first started out as a more muscular bikini-model look, took on a more bodybuilding, yet softer and slightly smaller look. The industry needed another change, and fast. The bikini category appeared.

With it's more feminine appeal, and the need to possess more muscularity than Victoria Secret demands, the bikini category too has taken off. Women who once again founds themselves unable to compete with the increasing muscularity demands of the figure competitor, have found a new home.

So who really is she? A female bodybuilder? A figure competitor? Or a bikini competitor? Truly it doesn't matter to her, as she defines herself as something entirely off the stage - passionate, dedicated, focused, hard-working, a mom, friend, aunt, sister, and maybe even a grandmother.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

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