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Post Show Ups & Down's

Post Show Ups & Down's


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Preparing for a show is both exciting & exhausting! You diet & you train for months, practice posing, shop for your suit, your heels ect... When the day finally arrives you get to show your months of hard work & you feel pretty damn good about yourself for accomplishing your goal. The feeling of standing on that stage is amazing! But what happens after the show?

For most competitors during their show they are on cloud nine for a few days. The memories of hanging out with your girlfriends back stage, doing your hair & make up, dressing in your beautiful suit & sharing in the unique moments of being under the stage lights & strutting your beautiful self to the music while a crowd of spectators cheers you could this not make you feel awesome?

And then....the show is over.... as you slowly get back to reality it's sometimes hard to adjust to a normal routine again. Your life as you knew it before the show is still there, problems ect... that you chose to put off until after your show slowly creep back into your head. If your like me all you think about is your show & then analyze your life afterwards and realize that your still needing to make those changes in your life in order to be as happy as you deserve to be. As my coaches like to call it "Post Traumatic Show Disorder" is real ladies! A lot of us struggle with things such as overeating after a show, gaining unhealthy weight and feeling ashamed or if your like me I have struggles with loving how I look the day of the show (so nice & lean, muscles popping & in the best shape of my life) this is not how we are supposed to look everyday ladies! As I begin to eat "normal" again & I gain my healthy weight back sometimes I miss the super lean look & my mind plays tricks on me "do I look bloated, soft, or thick"? It is important to realize that no matter what end of the spectrum you are on these feelings happen to many competitors & it is a topic you hardly hear about in the sport of competing. If you are feeling down and out after a show, it's normal, it can happen to anyone & you need to have a source that you can reach out to so that you can get through it in the healthiest way possible!

Don't ever sacrifice your physical or mental health for a show or for anything for that matter! We are all strong & beautiful women who gave it our all to set foot on that stage so we can certainly give it our all to get through the tough times after! Take care of yourselves & each other you all deserve it!

With love, health & happiness-Shannon Petralito

Author: Shannon Petralito

Member Comments

This is super encouraging! I know I may be one of those gals that gets a bit down. I am actually going out of the country a few weeks after my show...trying to figure out mentally how to not blow all of my hard work. I understand gaining healthy weight but I fear the binging potential.

I wish i would have read this a few months ago. Not that I binged, but my body added a lot of extra weight that I was not ready for. And now it wont come off no matter how hard I try.

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