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I might have lost weight, but I gained everything else.

I might have lost weight, but I gained everything else.


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My fitness journey has completely & utterly enhanced my life forever. This journey has taken me down a path where I have been blessed to discover traits I never knew I possessed. I do have determination. I do have self-control. I am woman and I CAN do this.

If you were to have told me 5 years ago I would one day be writing a success story on myself, I probably would have just stared at you in complete disarray.
And if you were to have told me even 1 year ago that I would soon be standing on a stage equipped with an itsy bitsy bikini performing practiced poses in front of many, I would have responded with you are ...just plain crazy!

It's amazing how quickly things can change.

I once found myself in a complete personal rut. I was a smoker and a very social drinker. I knew nothing about proper nutrition therefore my diet had no restrictions. I began to slowly notice that everything I put into my mouth was successful at finding a spot to park itself somewhere along my body.
I put the smokes down! But that only resulted in more weight gain.
I attempted the quick fix fad diets we know all "love" and of course every one of them failed, only making my situation worse.
I knew something had to change.

My journey began at a slow but steady pace. I was stubborn in a lot of ways; hindering change and reluctant to adapt new lifestyle traits. I knew I had to find the right attitude and approach this as a lifestyle adjustment, not just another "diet". This was not punishment, but a rescue.

I started walking. Little did I know I would find incredible solitude from these outings. It did wonders not only for my waistline but for my mind and sole as well.

I began to research all that I could find about health and nutrition. Health magazines are one of my favorite resources for information & motivating success stories.
Slowly the walking turned into jogging and from there I took on the gym. I would bring cut outs from the magazines and mimic the routines.

My staple diet changes include:
1.) Meats & veggies allowed only if grilled, broiled or baked.
2.) No more sugary drinks! Empty calories are a thing of my past.
3.) Increased eating to 6 times a day while focusing on increased protein consumption & healthy fats.
4.) Rule of thumb: Avoid anything white. No mayo, no ranch dressing, Alredo sauce, no white rice, white bread, white potatoes and no sugar!
5.) Keep a food diary.

These small changes within my diet lead to results which fueled the desire for bigger, more consistent improvements.

Here I stand 25 pounds down and without 22% additional body fat. Today I stand a much happier person inside and out. I have been blessed with the opportunity to morph my career to match that of my passion. I am now a NASM certified personal trainer and studying to become a certified health coach. I want to give back!

To take my journey full circle, I am taking it to the stage! My first figure competition is just weeks away! (July 16) I am praying this anxiety will soon turn into adrenaline!

I am so very thankful for my amazing support system. Thank you, Scott, my love, my best friend and my ROCK for always being my #1 fan. You really keep me going! I am equipped with the best competition coach around. Thank you Steve Payne for your patience and for your love & devotion for what you do.

Thank you in advance for your votes! I really appreciate it.

If I can help you at all with any part of you journey, please feel free to reach out to me!

You can also find me @

Happy Training!

Author: Christy Allen!/GetfitwithChristy?sk=info

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Great story! I too am in Lawrenceville! Small world!

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