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New Food Finds

New Food Finds


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While I have been on vacation this week I have done some research on some different types of healthy foods that will be simple and beneficial to my fitness goals. These foods will be helpful during times of travel that are simple and easy to pack.

I've been getting alot of advice and researching quick and easy healthy foods. I don't travel often but when I do I want to make sure I have certain foods that I can pack that are healthy. I've actually found a few great things this week.

When I travel I always take a large Ziploc baggie of whey protein powder, protein bars, and tuna packets. I have now found some new items I can pack. When I was shopping at Kroger a couple days ago I found a package of precooked brown rice. All you need is a fork or spoon and a microwave if one is handy.

I also found out that airports consider peanut butter a liquid. I thought that was pretty odd but I did find a product that is a powdered natural peanut butter, even better it's 85% less fat. This can be easily packed in carry on luggage and not be considered liquid. It's called PB2.

Another product that was mentioned was protein bread. Yes I said protein bread, this bread has 28 grams of protein, it's 100% whole wheat, and natural. I was very excited to hear this and was thinking what a great post workout meal of P28 bread, natural peanut butter, and jelly sandwich. They also make bagels.

Hopefully these finds will beneficial to your diet and training needs as well.

Author: Kim Schaefer

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