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My Competition Meal Plan

My Competition Meal Plan


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At ten weeks out, which is two weeks earlier than my last show, I am going to start a strict meal plan. It always helps me to see what others eat, so I figured I'd post the meal plan I am planning to start off with.

Use the Figure & Bikini meal planning tool to measure meals accurately. It makes meal prep SO much easier!

Meal one: 4 whites, 1 whole egg. 1/2 c cooked oats, 1 c fruit of my choice, 1 c black coffee

Meal two: 4 oz breast, 4 oz sweet potato

Meal three: 4 oz breast, 1/2 c cooked parboiled rice, 1 c greens of my choice

Meal four: 4 oz tilapia, 1 c greens of my choice

Meal five: 5 whites

Meal six: 5 oz lean ground turkey, 6 oz extra lean red meat ( alternate every other day)

I season with mrs. Dash

I drink 16 oz of water with ever meal in addition to my water during my workout and throughout the day, and I allow myself one crystal light drink per day. Drinking lots of water actually can aid in fat loss (see: Drinking Water to Lose Fat).

Author: Sarah Sussman

Member Comments

* I probably should have added that I am five foot six and a half inches and weight 140 lbs.

I'm so glad you posted this Sarah! A lot of visitors to Figure & Bikini want to know what they should eat and when to achieve the success individuals like you have.

Here will be my diet for 8 weeks out until 6 weeks out:

Meal 1: 4 whites, 1/2 c cooked oats, 1 apple or grapefruit, 1 c black coffee

Meal 2: 4oz chicken breast, 4 oz sweet potato (no skin)

Meal 3: 1/2 c cooked parboiled rice, 4 oz chicken breast

Meal 4: 1 c greens of my choice, 4 egg whites

Meal 5: 3 egg whites

Meal 6: 4 oz tilapia

I still season with Mrs. Dash

I drink 16 oz of water with ever meal in addition to my water during my workout and throughout the day, and I allow myself one crystal light drink per day.

Updated meal plan::

I am weighing in at 132 lbs.
We're switching up my meal plan... so check it out!

Meal One: 3 whites, 2 plain rice cakes, 1 grapefruit, 1 c black coffee

Meal Two: 1 serving romaine lettuce (6 pieces), 4 oz chicken breast, 1 tbsp vinegar or lemon juice

Meal Three (post workout): 4 oz sweet potato, 4 oz chicken breast, 1/2 c cooked greens of my choice

Meal 4, 5, and 6: 4 oz tilapia OR 3 whites

And of course--- 16 oz water with every meal, and I still allow for one crystal light drink.

Morning Everyone! I just wanted to give this a quick update in case anyone was following!

Today marks 6 weeks out. Originally, the plan was to change my diet dastically, but since

Morning Everyone! I just wanted to give this a quick update in case anyone was following!

Today marks 6 weeks out. Originally, the plan was to change my diet drastically, but since I am still dropping.... we're changing it up a bit.

Instead of changing the meal plan itself, we're going to play with the fats and carbs.

Over the next four days, I am slowly cutting out the carbs. On the fifth day, I won't consume any carbs (other than those coming from greens), and I will fat load at night. Hopefully, since I have not had much fat in my diet since I started my prep, my body will respond nicely and fill back out!

I am taking pictures to document, and I'll let ya know how it goes!

(weighed in at 129 this morning)


oh! And sorry about the post above this one. My mistake!

I figured I should post some pictures to support this meal plan and show that it really does work. For those interested, feel free to check out this album which will cover my "journey" to my upcoming show.


Sarah, I just looked at your pics on fcbk. You look fantastic. I've been reading all of your articles and taking many(many) notes. My first figure competition isn't until next April. I picked one kind of far out so that I had plenty of time to do research on diets, and practice posing (I'm doing it myself without a coach, so I'm absorbing every bit of info I can find). Plus, because of the cost of doing a show, I wanted to give myself plenty of time to collect everything along the way so I didn't go broke buying it all at the same time.

Thank you so much for posting your diet. I do a lot of searching, and read a lot about what people recommend based on percentages for each meal, but I like being able to see it laid out in front of me to have something to go by. That way I can play around with it and figure out what works for me. Thanks again!

What show are you preparing for btw?

Kristin! I just saw your comment!!! I AM SOOOO SORRY! I wish I would have gotten back to you sooner. I am glad my comments are helpful. I was preparing for the Ft Lauderdale Cup and the Ruby Championship which both took place in October (a week apart!)

Which show are you training for?
My next one will be team universe in july... i can't wait!

good luck to you!

There are many calculators on the web that can help you determine the right amount of calories. Here is one that I find helpful: Calorie Counter

So I'm not going to be doing a show till April but I've never done this before and wanted to just start eating on a plan to get used to it so when the time comes it wont be so hard for me. Would you recommend the meal plan you have posted here or something different. I'm also 5'8 and weight 132lbs if that means anything. Thanks!!

What are the calories/macros for this meal plan? I also see that you card cycled 4 weeks out. Did you see a good improvement doing that? I've been very consistent with a diet similar to this and have seen great results. I was going to Carb cycle,but not sure if I want to mess with things:-) I'm 8 weeks out.

Thank you so much for posting this! As an aspiring competitor in May I find this an invaluable tool.

Do you use olive oil when you cook your meats? I do not see any fat in this diet plan so I was wondering if that is how you get it. Thank you for posting this! I am always looking for new ideas!

Im prepping for my 1st competition (bikini). Im 48, 5'7 1/2, 132 lbs. Kinda like a skinny fat girl no clue of my body fat, but its all in my butt and back thighs. Looking at your diet examples, curious if im doing something wrong. im consuming approx. 1600 cals a day, and workout kickboxing & hiit classes 2 hrs a day. (some weights in ripped hiit class). From the menu planner on this site my daily food intake looks like:
1- 1 egg white & 1/2 c oatmeal
2- 4 oz turkey ground & 1c spinach
3-1 can tuna & 1c brown rice
4-1 can tuna & 3 tbsp. flax seed
5- 4 oz chicken breat & 1 med avocado
6- protein drink post workout
7- protein drink before bed

ratios daily are 50 protein/30 carbs/ 20 fats

Id like to gain 5-10 lbs in muscle yet lose about 5 more lbs of fat (in butt)

Advice? Taking serin oils (am & pm), l-carnitine (pre & postworkout), BCAA (pre & post workout), Fish oil (pm)

Thanks for any input & so excited for comp. Its mid april :-)
- MJ


Just wondering what you eat day of the show. For the one I am competing in there is a pre-judging early in the morning and of course an evening show.

For me I eat the same things... just in itty bitty quantities at a time, eating every hour to keep my stomach flat. :)

With love,


Hi! I'm new to this site. When posting your meal plans, are your weights of food after cooked or raw? I've seen both on other sites. Thank you.

Hello all! I'm very very new to this site and I have a lot of questions that any beginner would have, especially about my diet. I know undoing 23 years of bad eating and a sedentary lifestyle doesn't happen over the course of a few months, but Iím down 40lbs since college and have my eyes set on competing! I am giving myself until this time next year to really prep for my first competition. I've been told to go bikini at first, but I've also been told to go into fitness because it's what my figure is leaning more toward and I've been focusing on building muscle anyway. I have no idea...
Anyway, I lift 4 days a week (one of those days I have 45 minutes of cardio coupled with lifting), do an hour of cardio 2 days a week and have a rest day on Sundays.
My eating habits do have a tendency to be a little spotty on the weekends (but I don't ever ďsplurgeĒ). During the week, I work 6am to 4pm so I do eat a lot (and drink about 2 Ĺ liters of water a day... but here's what my diet looks like:
6:30 - 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1 packet sugar free maple oatmeal (100 cal)
8:30 - quest bar
10:30 - 4oz protein (fish or chicken), 1 cup veggies (asparagus or broccoli), 1/2 cup brown rice
12:30 - whey shake, 1 cup berries
2:30 - 4oz protein, 1 cup veggies
4:30 - pre-workout granola bar (kasha dark chocolate cherry)
5-6:30 Ė GYM TIME!
7-7:30 - 4oz lean protein, 1 cup spinach (salad) with lemon juice, garlic and 1 tbsp EVOO

My work schedule is not conducive to eating or working out at all which makes it hard to find any time earlier to work out. Looking at it now, I should probably cut all the bars and maybe space my meals out a little more? Iím also very cautious of working out on an empty stomach because I donít want to burn muscle. My work schedule isnít helpful either considering the hour drive from my office to the gym. Ehh what to do?!

Thanks ladies!!


At what point to start to cut out creatine and whey protein when preparing for your first competition. I am doing this on my own, but have a posing coach to help with that part. I won't be competing until after the new year, but want to start plannin now. I pretty much eat the same meal plan you have right now but with more fruits and vegetables plus some pb/almond coconut butter with 7 grain sprouted bread. I usually drink my shakes post work out so I have some energy.

This is so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing. Like you, I too am 5'6.5". I will definitely try these meal plans out.

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