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True Love and True Life!!

True Love and True Life!!


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I started college at a WHOOPING 180 pounds!! (And that is just when I stopped weighing myself! lol) I was overweight, constantly sick, tired, depressed and HATED my body! My life turned upside down when I meet a wonderful man. He was fit, active and He loved me for me...but he also loved me enough to tell me the truth about how I was wasting my life and my potential! He opened my eyes to who I could be!!! I started training in the gym with him and eating healthier. It took a lot of hard work, sweat, tears and determination...not to mention the love and support of a good man...but I changed my body and my life!!!

When Deji (my husband) and I first started training I was the QUEEN OF I CANT!! Like many people out there I felt like people who were fit must just love to exercise, sweat and eat plain broccoli! I knew I wasnít one of those people... I loved couch surfing, pizza and chocolate cheesecake! Iíve since learned that no matter who you are and how much you love being fit... itís never the easy road, but a hard road is not the same as an impossible one.

Anyone can TRANSFORM their body with the right attitude, knowledge, determination and dedication.

First off you need to establish a healthy eating plan. You can workout all day but if your nutrition is sub-par then you will not see the results that you want.

Begin by establishing how active you are then Multiply your bodyweight by 10-12 if low-medially physical, for med-very physical mult. by 12-14, if extremely physical mult. by 14-16. A good rule of thumb for dividing your macros is to start at 35% protein, 35% carb and 30% fat then you can adjust as you hit plateaus. Remember that all those are just generic calculations and recommendations.. Listen to you body first and foremost!

Next establish and KEEP a healthy exercise routine. There are so many great and effective exercise routines out there all I will say here is that while cardio is essential... Really make sure that you incorporate resistance training and use HEAVY weights. Too often women are afraid to look bulky and try to cardio their way fit and are confused when they end up just looking "skinny fat". Muscle will keep your bones and joints stronger and healthier as well as burns more fat/calories overall than cardio alone!

Fear of failure can have a paralyzing effect. Like an animal that plays dead in the face of its prey to ward off danger. I think most of us go through life playing at it; afraid that if we put too much hope and effort into it and don't succeed then we have failed and we wont be able to handle the failure!! It took me a while to realize that even if I wasn't always strong enough to succeed in my every endeavor, I was strong enough to try!

I am so proud of how far I have been able to come thus far... but my transformation is far from over!! My goal in life is to MEET my potential...and that is a goal that never ends! I am training to compete in my first show within the next year and am pursuing a career in fitness modeling!

Author: Sarah Akingbade

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