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How Do You Win? By LOSING!

How Do You Win? By LOSING!


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Thats right..I said it. In order to win you NEED to lose. have to lose. I you dont, there is nothing to learn from..and last time I checked, there arent perfect people strolling around town. Walk with me as I take you through my 1st National show experience and you will understand EXACTLY what I mean :)

Those of you who know me, know that I recently competed in my first NPC National show- Team Universe. Nervous, excited, anxious, bubbly-you name it, I felt that way before, during, and after I stepped on stage!

My "Dream" Goal: Earn my ProCard.
My "Reality" goal: Place top

So the day goes on, I worry about the food I eat, I glance at my abs every 10 minutes, I knock out some poses every bathroom break, and before you know its time to get my butt down to the pump-up room. I shimmy through the girls applying tanner touch-ups, glaze, and bikini bite until I find my space. Here I do the same thing, try to steal a glance in someones mirror to make sure the hair is okay :), and then I start fillin my muscles with blood...hopin to GOD that they pump up

"Figure Class D! Youre up next...LINE UP!!"

Crap...its got this..its like every other just means a whole lot more...

I walk over to my line and hear people mention that there are about 30 girls in my stomach turns...but I try to remain calm. Nothing is worse than a nervous, shaky booty when you do your back pose...


We all walk on stage, and we hit our front pose. Good.

"Quarter turn to the right!"

And already I screw up... I turned to the left!! But I just kept shaking the head..same smile..same demeanor...damn left turn..REALLY?! I hit the back pose, another side, and one more front pose...

Okay..we walk off the stage...we come back on one by one and line up off to the side. They are about to make their call-outs. At this moment, there was NO way that I thought I would have my number called...I turned LEFT for goodness sakes! But there it was...1st call-outs

"NUMBER 203"....what?!?!? Thats me!!! OMG..

We line up, and this time I make damn sure I turn And just like that..its all over until the night show.

12 weeks of preparation over in just 12 minutes.

Time goes by, and I sit and watch the other prejudgings..bikini is so fun by the then its about 3 hours left until I hear my fate...

Night show time. We go and pump up..and here is where I notice the difference in the room. There are competitors ALREADY depressed!! WTH? We dont even know who won Whatever guys...


Okay...this is it. There isnt anything else I can do to change the outcome, but I will still go up there like I can!! And thats exactly what I do. I walk out there as if it were prejudging..PROUD..CONFIDENT..HAPPY..

They start to call out the top 5...

They didnt call my number....

Keep smiling...dont let it show on your face...and I walk of the stage PROUD...CONFIDENT..HAPPY..

Its all over.

I make it back to the pump up room and there are girls pissed, crying, rushing to get the hell out of there, but not alot of girls happy. I think I saw about 5 girls...those were the top

I went back to my room that night and stood in front of my mirror. I posed. I smiled. I even quarter turned to the I still smiled.

Because even though I didnt get a trophy. Even though I didnt get my ProCard when I almost felt like I was touching it.

I felt like I won.

Literally- I lost. I walked off the stage. I didnt get to stay on. There was no tangible piece of evidence to show my placing. There were no advancment of a division. Nothing.

Now back to the title. It pisses me off when I see girls get upset from losing. If you want to be sad for a little bit...and I mean A LITTLE it, but are AWESOME..and everytime you keep crying about it, you are putting your hard work down.

YOU are taking YOUR trophy away. Dont do that...learn from what you can improve on. Learn and make it better. Remember how hard it was to step on the stage in the first place...most dont even make it that far.

If you stay depressed YOU are belittling EVERY SINGLE REP, SET, GRUNT, LOW CARB DAY, etc that you put yourself through. And for what?!?! Becuase a judge didnt think you looked better than the next?! Honey starts and ends with YOU. Make it count..and no matter what..OWN YOUR PLACING..whether it be 2nd or matters and its GOOD!

So I am damn proud of my 6th place! And I will be damn proud of my next placing all becuase I not only kept it moving..but I kept moving in the right direction!

Aloha Ladies!!!!

Author: Alphradezsa Lezama

Member Comments

Lexi you are such an inspiration! You have so much to be proud of... both of your accomplishments as a competitor and your desire to help others achieve your success. Keep it up girl!



This is truly wonderful advice! Thank you! I definitely will keep this in mind for my first show:):)

<3 Kelly


I'll be thinking of you when they say turn left/right =) and when it's time to smile regardless of the outcome. Thanks for sharing
--Em J

Thank you for that! I laughed and I cried while reading this. It touched me deeply and we just have to remember that we all want to win the show but that we aare all winners for competing in the first place. The general population is not walking around thinking of competing, or thinking long and hard about weighing food, or carb cycling, or changing up lifting routines.

How awesome are you? I get the nerves all racked up just thinking about preparing for a comp. let alone do one. I am new to this fitness stuff, but I am working towards this goal of figure or bikini not sure yet which one, But, I have to say you made me laugh out loud. Thank you for being real and congrats on all that you have accomplished!! Keep going!!

Fantastic advice for those aspiring to compete and experienced competitors. Definitely the mind set we should all have. It's not about the competition but the accomplishment you've made by even seriously thinking about stepping on stage and showing off your hard work!

Thank you Lexi! Great advice I am training right now and I keep what my coach says to me in my head you are ahead by just stepping on that stage.

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