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The Miracle Three

The Miracle Three


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I remember my first competition. I was scared to death! Even though I had worked out in gym most of my life, starting when I joined a volunteer fire department at the age of 18, I had never committed myself to something like this. I didn’t eat horribly when I decided to compete, but it certainly wasn’t a competition diet.

I read everything I could get my hands on and began my journey. I dieted according to the articles. I trained exactly as I was supposed to. I awoke every day at 6am to ensure I got that 40 minutes of fat-burning cardio session in.

Three weeks out came and I started to get really nervous. My body just wasn’t there yet. I thought, “How in the world am I going to make it? I’m going to look like hell on stage!”

I envisioned my giggly butt moving across the stage, looking rather old next to the tight competitors next to me half my age. It was a frightening thought for sure! Certainly enough to make me dive head first into a gallon of Haggen Daz.

Despite all the negative thoughts… despite all the visualizations I had of cellulite clinging to my behind, giggling across the stage… I stayed the course and did what I needed to do. I thought to myself, the worst that can happen is that I don’t hit the stage for this competition. There’s always the next one in x-number of weeks.

And then… it happened…

I now call it the “Miracle Three”. It’s those last three weeks before your competition and what happens to your body is quite simply astonishing. For me, it seemed as if every day I looked in the mirror my body tightened and shrank, with muscles becoming more visible and clothing becoming looser.

The fat just seemed to melt off my body. As strange as this sounds I swear I could feel my body working to chisel that crap off of me as I lay down to sleep at night. It was a strange, wonderful, and empowering feeling.

Next something even more wonderful happened… I saw my glutes! (see: Best Butt Lift Exercises) It was the first time in many years. I have to admit my joy was overwhelming - it was like seeing a long lost friend!

I wore SHORTS.

I ENJOYED clothing shopping.

Mirrors become my FRIEND again.

I looked… well darn it… GOOD! (Wow did that feel great. )

I stepped on stage three times that year and with each time I gained muscle, tone, and most of all, confidence.

So when you’re working toward your first competition and are getting discouraged, HANG. IN. THERE.

Wait for the Miracle Three…
it WILL happen and when it does oh is it SOOO good! :-)



Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

I'm just 2 weeks and 2 days out from my first Bikini competition, and well...I'm scared to death, too. I'm 5'5" and have gone from 134 pounds down to 115 pounds but my weight loss has completely stalled over the last week and yet I feel I still have 5 or 7 pounds to shed before showtime! It's basically just my butt that I'm worried about. It jiggles like crazy and there are still traces of cellulite hanging on!

Your story gives me a little bit of hope, though. I wake up every day and look for my glutes in the mirror. Not there yet! Fingers crossed...

Hi Kristin, thank you for everything you do. It's always inspiring, educational and entertaining to read your comments and the ones from all the other wonderful ladies!
I'm 58 years old and just recently competed for my first time in figure. That last three weeks is truly amazing, just like you stated! My trainer kept telling me to hang in there and I'm so glad I did! I've been fighting "saddlebags" for 40 years and to see them go away was nothing short of miraculous! I can wear shorts and my jeans fit the way they are supposed to!
At this age losing extra fat, though, left me with another issue...extra skin....think elephant! Thank goodness for the forgiving nature of the posing suits! The spray tan girls did a great job of "tucking me in"! Unlike a lot of women, I don't have trouble losing weight but would like to add muscle to fill in the skin. Any suggestions (short of surgury) to do that without adding back the fat? Will a caloric surplus store as fat? I do eat clean, except for the occasional birthday party etc. I'm also currently trying to reduce my cholesterol, which skyrocket during prep.
I'm 5'4" with a very slight frame and weighed in at around 100 lbs for competition.

CMS that's wonderful! 58 and competed for your first time. WOW you are an INSPIRATION!

I would absolutely love to interview you for an article here on Figure & Bikini if you're interested. You would inspire so many.

The way to build muscle is exactly as you're stating. A slight caloric surplus, combined with heavy lifting, will do the trick.

Congratulations once again!



Hi Kristin! Wow..what an honor that would be! Where do we start?
-cms (Cindy)

Just zip me an email and we'll go from there. :)



Oh my goodness. I just let out a sigh of relief. I was JUST telling my friend/accountability partner today that I am so afraid that I'm not doing enough/getting fast enough results to be ready for my competition! I still have 14 weeks, but I was starting to compare myself to other girls and have some major doubts. This is very encouraging!

hanflancocopan you'll do great! Be sure to check back and share your experience.

With love,


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