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Staying on Track When you Need to Travel

Staying on Track When you Need to Travel


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Planes, trains, automobiles! Add to that boats, bicycles, and even a horse-drawn carriage and you have my typical vacation. Over the years I’ve been able to develop quite a routine for staying on track with my diet and exercise plan. Here are a few tips that I hope will assist you on your next adventure.

Vacation doesn’t need to mean the doom of your plan. Most think so though.

I can remember a time where I thought vacation truly was a license to go crazy off my clean eating. Only to find at the end of the trip I felt sluggish, bloated, listless, and down-right depressed. Gluttony apparently is not the path to happiness and enjoying a wonderful vacation soon included feeling great afterwards thanks to a little preparation that helped me to stay the course with clean eating and exercise.

Here are my top 5 tips to keeping on track:

TIP #1 – Cook!

Make sure wherever you stay has at least somewhat of a kitchen. Not only will you save on food costs not eating out every meal, you will also enjoy your clean eats.

Take advantage of this glorious time to cook some wonderful meals you normally don’t have time to do. Delight in a beautiful breakfast with scrambled egg whites, cinnamon and stevia, steel cut oatmeal, and fruit. Make a delicious broiled chicken breast with all your favorite veggies for lunch. Then top it off with a petite sirloin steak dinner. Don’t forget your midday snacks in between meals and you’re good to go. [ I love egg white puffs for these. Can easily pack them into a handbag cooler to keep with you while sightseeing. ]

TIP #2 – When you can’t cook, become ONE with the chef.

Most restaurants will accommodate your requests for clean eats so don’t be afraid to ask for that grilled chicken breast, hold the salt and sauces, steamed veggies, and baked sweet potato. They’re used to it now thanks to thousands of sisters in fitness doing exactly what you’re doing. :-)

TIP #3 – Keep that handbag cooler with you at all times. This is your life-saver!

Some call them 6 pack coolers. Others call them fitness coolers. I call them handbag coolers. Essentially any cooler that you can sling over your shoulder and haul with you comfortably wherever you go. It needs to be light and portable, and as easy to carry as your purse. Take the time to find the right one – really. You don’t want to skimp on this one as this is your ticket for the emergency situations when you can’t find clean eats.

Next, stuff that cooler with protein powder already portioned out in individual plastic baggies for easy consumptions. Keep a plastic mixture bottle or two in there. Then add your egg white puffs or oatmeal protein cakes as needed for your trip.

All you need to keep everything cool is extra plastic baggies on hand to refill with ice as needed. That’s the beauty of these little bags. 

Special Note – Do NOT bring ice packs as TSA will stop you if you’re flying. The ice packs contain a gel-like substance that isn’t approved for carrying on the plane. They WILL accept your frozen chicken breast, frozen veggies, etc. So if you plan a long day of flying, stock that handbag cooler full of your favorite frozen eats and add a plastic bag of ice after you clear security.

TIP #4 – Bring your sneakers. Better yet wear them.

I know I know… you’re heading to the Bahamas and only want to bring those sandals.

Well, sandal are lightweight anyway… just pack ‘em! Wear your sneakers on the flight so you have them with you, ready for those long walks on the beach. I’m not talking about the romantic stroll you’ll take with your significant other in the evening. I’m talking about the early morning cardio session that burns the fat off. Do it and you’ll be thanking yourself later.

TIP #5 – Resistance Bands – Make them your new portable gym.

Spend the 20 bucks for a decent resistance band. Yup – you only need one. It’s amazing how much of a workout you can get from this little contraption. It’s a bit different from free weights, but every much as effective….. at least for a vacation workout. :)

Click here for a short video on how to get a total body workout with these things.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

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