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Dealing with Stretch Marks

Dealing with Stretch Marks


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Figure and Bikini competition gals are like everyone else. We're daughters, mothers, sisters and aunts, and we have stretch marks too. We have them from pregnancies as well as weight gain and loss. Fortunately thanks to some modern techniques and competition tricks it won't slow you down on stage.

Topical Tretinoin (retinoic acid) - Clinical studies have shown this ingredient found in many anti-wrinkle creams to be extremely effective for stretch mark prevention as well as reduction, particularly in early scar formation and if applied over many months.

Stretch Mark Creams such as Mederma - An over-the-counter stretch mark therapy cream that apparently has good results for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. However, most clinical studies support the conclusion that that permanent improvements are not achieved.

Brushing with a Loofa and Cocoa Butter - The loofa helps to stimulate circulation and new cell growth while cocoa butter moisturizes, improving elasticity. If done religiously for a period of months it is reported to show some results, and certainly wouldn't hurt to try since it's such an inexpensive option.

Bio-Oil - This product reportedly helps to reduce the appearance of scars and gals have experienced some success with it's use. It is not overly fragrant but a bit oily and may cause break-outs. It has been reported to reduce redness, even skin tone, and show improvements on scars and stretch marks. However, most clinical studies have shown that this product also does not produce long term permanent results.

Spray Tan - When you're ready to compete you will be applying some sort of spray or manually applied tanning product. Most of these products, regardless of brand, do a remarkable job of evening the skin's tone, adding moisture, and adding color to reduce the overall appearance of stretch marks and scars.

Makeup - There are more scar and stretch marks concealing makeup options than we can mention here. But what we can tell you is that they work for giving you that flawless look on stage. Get your spray tan or manually applied tan completed and then match a scar or stretchmark concealing makeup to the tan and apply amply. You can get these products at any drugstore or department store makeup counter. Just ask the employees for help.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

thanks Kristin. I am not going to be competing but I do want to lose weight, get into shape and look a lot better. I have a multitude of stretch marks - have had some on hips for over thirty years!

Good for you for wanting to get into shape! It feels so good to begin the journey. :) Thank you for your comment and do keep us posted on your progress!

With love,


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