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Top 10 Ways to Piss People Off in the Gym

Top 10 Ways to Piss People Off in the Gym


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Here are the top gym etiquette pet peeves gathered from FAB members.

#1 - Stand directly in front of the weight racks.

It doesn't matter if you're chatting with your friends, taking a break, or actually performing exercises like dumbbell curls or shrugs. Get AWAY from the weight racks so others can access them. I don't want to have to walk around you to access the rack, much less have to ask you to move.

This practice can actually be life threatening. In the big gyms the really big dudes will just mow your butt over.

#2 - Get between me and the mirror when I'm training.

C'mon ladies. There's a reason they line up the benches in front of the weight racks, in front of the mirrors. We don't love looking at ourselves, we're working on form. So whenever possible, do not walk or stand in front of us. Get out of the way.

#3 - Sweat profusely and not clean it up.

Nobody really likes to be next to someone who's dripping in sweat. Beyond the odor, we're concerned that you might have a heart attack. But when you leave your ickyness on the bench that's a BIG no-no. Not only have you grossed me out, but now you've made me have to clean up after you. Ick!

#4 - Hog multiple machines or benches.

I understand that you're circuit training. I get that. But that doesn't give you the right to use 2 or 3 machines by yourself. I WILL work in and you WILL understand. I paid the same membership fee that you did.

#5 - Fill your water bottle at the water fountain while others are waiting.

If you must have a water bottle at the gym, bring two or three that are already full, or if you're filling one then move out of the way when someone else needs a drink. Don't make others wait because you didn't properly prepare.

#6 - Don't rerack your weights.

This one likely won't piss people off as so many do it. But it's worth mentioning. When you don't rerack your dumbbells or plates, you inconvenience the next person. I'm not the strongest gal in the gym, so it's not exactly easy for me to strip off six 45lb plates from the squat machine. Yeah I'm pretty spent after that.

#7 - Leave your gum in the water fountain.

'Nuf said.

#8 - Go talk to your friends and leave your water bottle, bag, etc. on the bench.

If you're not just quickly getting a drink of water, don't hog the equipment.

#9 - Stand in the way when I'm doing walking lunges.

Open spaces can, and should, be used for lunges as long as you're not inconveniencing others. Please do NOT just stand in my line and not move when you see me coming. You're chatting, I'm training. Move.

#10 - Display LOTS of PDA.

I don't care if you're straight, gay, 20 or 60, I didn't come to the gym to see you and your whatever mauling each other. You have plenty of time to do that at home, so leave it there.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

LOL Sooooo true! And don't come up and talk to me while I'm lifting! I wear ear-phones, and avoid eye contact, for a reason!

All of these things piss me off. I hate getting crowded in. Two girls tried to do this with their 5lb dumbbells when I had already found a spot to do curls. I picked up my 25 lb. dumbbells and they quickly scurried off out of my way.
--Kim Schaefer

Kim that's too funny! I have another one that happened to me today. The guy I think is new so I gave him some slack. He was walking by my bench when I started doing flys. He actually bumped into one of my arms, almost causing me to drop the dumbbell.

The Rule? Those on benches have right of way. :)

OK, so here is mine: deodorant. People should wear more of it.

@spopline6, my husband has bad smelling BO, but during the summer its terrible! So in consideration to other gym goers, during the summer or when he really stinks he showers before his workout. Sure makes a difference!

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