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Amazing how the body changes, isn't it?

Amazing how the body changes, isn't it?


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So, some of you may know, I am preparing for a fitness competition which is just about 5 weeks away now. I posted earlier about doing a "mock" prep. I went through with it, and I wanted to post my experience.

I am going to break down EXACTLY what I did---

Day one:
1 gallon of water
(4 meals:)
1st: 3 whites, 2 plain rice cakes, 1 grapefruit, 1c black coffee
2nd: 4 oz chicken, 4 oz sweet potato
3rd: 2 c cooked spinach, 4oz chicken
4th: 4oz flounder

Day two:
1/2 gallon of water
(4 meals)
1st:3 whites, 2 plain rice cakes, 1 grapefruit, 1 c black coffee
2nd: 4 oz chicken, 2 plain rice cakes, 1/4 c peas
3rd: 2 c cooked spinach, 4 oz chicken
4th: 4 oz flounder

Day three:
1 quart of water (has to be finished by 6 pm)
(4 meals)
1st: 3 whites, 1 c cooked spinach
2nd: 4oz chicken, 2 c cooked broccoli
3rd: 1 c cooked green beans, 4 oz chicken
4th: 4oz tilapia, 1 c cooked broccoli
1/2 c natural peanut butter (before bed)

wake up and take pictures. this will give me an idea of what i would look like day of show. from there, eat first meal. take pictures again. finally, slowly introduce water back into my system.

So far, the fat load went awesome. Almost immediately I noticed differences in my body--- i was more vascular, i filled out, my skin tightened up a bit, and i had a ton of energy. granted, i don't take in any fat (other than what is in egg whites, chicken, and tilapia/flounder) so i am sure the fat load is more beneficial to me than for someone who eats a great deal of red meats and such. i just wanted to share that (so far) i have had a very positive experience with my "mock" prep!

I am so glad I did it.
Here is what I looked like before bed. (feel free to check out my other post... "mock prep" and see what I looked like this morning. the difference is pretty wild considering they were taken about 12 hours apart!

Author: Sarah Sussman

Member Comments

Good job! I would love to compete soon. I have started on my journey.

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