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Keep Your Sanity

Keep Your Sanity


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What keeps you sane during your contest prep?? Sometimes the dieting, cardio, overall training for a contest can get to us; causing us to "dig deep" on those draining days. When you have to balance your life along with all the prep chaos, it becomes a totally different animal to deal provided are some helpful tips to get you through your prep as stress free as possible!

My advice to you is to find something you like that blends into your goals. Find something you can do that will keep you on track but FEELS like you are taking a BREAK!!! I make sure I have an activity that I can do pertaining to my cardio and something else in my diet that will keep me on track. Here is what they are:

- ZUMBA!!! (Video is attached) Zumba is a cardio endurance activity and it feels like a party! I do it about once a week on top of my regular cardio schedule. If you love dancing as much as I do then I suggest you try it out! Its even better if you bring a buddy :)

- Yoga :) Stretching should always be a part of your fitness regime anyway, so pick a great yoga class to relax and get your stretching done at the same time. If you decide to do "Hot Yoga", you can stretch and burn some extra calories too!!!

Now to the good stuff...Food!! :D

- Sugar-Free Jell-O & Fat Free Reddi Whip...Two words. "Life Saver!!!" I absolutely LOVE this has NOTHING in it and tastes like Iím cheating :)

- Shirataki noodles (Picture attached)...Fat free, carb free (its ALL fiber), calorie free noodles. They take on the taste of whatever you add to them and if I need a "carb fix" I go to them...You cant beat it! And its only .99 a package!!!

So there are my sanity treats both physical and edible! Find yours and make your contest prep a little more pleasant than stressful :D

Take care!
-Alexius aka Musclemama

Author: Alphradezsa Lezama

Member Comments

I love the zero noodles! They have been a huge life savor in when I crave pasta or "mac and cheese"! All I do is cook my regular chicken and broccoli then mix it all together! Delish!

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