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Whey Protein for Figure and Bikini Competitors

Whey Protein for Figure and Bikini Competitors


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There are about 4 billion whey protein powders out there. Okay maybe not that many, but it sure can seem that way! Some advertise as for bodybuilders, some for figure and bikini competitors. How in the world do you know which one is best for you?

I remember the first time I started looking at why protein powders as a supplement to get more protein in my diet without having to cook all the time. Wow was I in for a shock. I didn't want to spend a fortune, and thought that cheeper was better. But I quickly found cheeper is not necessarily better, and that I needed to pay attention to what is really in the powder before I invest my hard-earned money.

So then I asked my friends. That was my second shock! Each of them had a different opinion and very little of it made sense to me. When I asked the "why" question they left me with very little to hang my hat on. That's when I decided I better do my own research.

You need to look at the ingredients in protein powders as you would a cut of steak. Not all cuts are created equal right? With it's high ratio of protein to fat, petite sirloin is a classic figure and bikini gal staple, while rib-eye is just the opposite, riddled with marbling of fat. Looked at that way, an 8 ounce piece of beef can vary by as much as 75% in quality ingrediants. That's a huge difference! And would you believe the cut with less quality ingrediants is more expensive? Gotta love America!

Now let's compare that to whey protein powders.

Whey protein comes in 2 forms, isolate and concentrate. Let's summarize the differences:


The purest form of whey protein. Isolate really means "isolation" of the protein. It yields over 90 grams of protein for 100 grams of whey. It's also very low in lactose and fat.


This is the most widely used form of whey protein in protein powders. It yields 80 grams of protein for 100 grams of whey. Containing a higher concentration of fat and lactose, some athletes have difficulties digesting whey concentrate. Simply, it's just not as 'pure' as whey isolate.

Look at the ingredients of protein powders and you will see if it's whey isolate, whey concentrate, or a blend of both. Unfortunately with the blend you are unable to easily tell what the ratio is.

So now that you know that, how in the world do you choose which protein powder is right for you? There is so much hype in advertising, everyone claiming theirs is the best, oftentimes it's going to come down to two important factors - taste and quality.

Taste - Many of the less expensive protein powders that don't use sugar (a big no-no for a figure and bikini gal's diet) taste a bit like cardboard, which ultimately isn't going to help you. If you don't like to drink it, you generally won't.

Quality - You may THINK you're getting more when you buy a 4 pound tub for less than the 2 pounder right next to it, but are you really getting more protein or are you buying all those fillers that come with loads of protein powders with primarily whey concentrate and very little isolate?

Quality is fairly easy to measure, looking at total grams of protein to total grams of product. Taste on the other hand is subjective, and something you need to decide for yourself. Many supplement companies either give away free samples or charge only a small fee for shipping. Absolutely take advantage of that to try out different products to find out which one suits your taste. It's worth it in the long run.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Great post!! The one thing I reallllly watch for in protein powder is the sodium content. Some of them are LOADED with sodium. Also, sugar is a big factor for me. I try to avoid protein powders that are high in sugar.

I need to choose whey isolates, instead of a concentrate. With concentrates or blends I bloat. I also look at sodium.
--Kim Schaefer

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