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Are You Addicted to Sugar

Are You Addicted to Sugar


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Sugar - It's white. It's a powder. It gives you a high, and then you crash. If you try to go cold turkey you crave it. If you don't control it, it eventually will kill you.

This white stuff unfortunately is legal, and it's called "sugar".

Studies have shown that the effects of sugar on the brain is quite similar to the effects of illegal drug use. Rats that ingested large amounts of sugar water demonstrated behaviorial traits similar to those seen with people. The sugar inceases dopamine release in the brain, producing that temporary high that creates a good feeling. But when that quickly fades, the animals, similar to people, are left craving more.

And then when the sugar water was taken away from the rats they displayed behaviors quite consistent with classic withdrawal symptoms in people coming off of alcohol or smoking addictions. They became very anxious, even chattering their teeth.

It's not just sugar in its pure form that produces this effect on the body. Most carbohydrates found in processed foods turn to glucose very quickly, having the very same negative effects. And it's not just energy highs and lows, there are actual hormonal changes that take place, making us hungry and driving us to overeat.

Bottom line? If you're wondering why you have those sugar cravings, don't. Sugar is addictive, and some of us who have difficulties with it, need to treat it as we would treat any other substance that is highly addictive. Just. Stay. Away. When we choose to have a bagel with jam for breakfast, shortly thereafer we're hungry and tired. But when we choose egg whites and oatmeal, we feel satisfied and energized. Get rid of the processed foods and replace them with fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

great article!!!


I have noticed on MFP that I am getting between 20 to 30 grams of sugar each day from the small amount of fruit, natural PB, and Casein that I am taking in. Is this too high and will it sabotage my leaning out?


You should be fine. :)


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