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Preparing Meals for the Week

Preparing Meals for the Week


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Kristin Shaffer Preparing Diet Meals

If there was one rule I could stress to anyone wanting to compete or just get in shape, it would be this: PREPARE YOUR MEALS. There is nothing more important than what you put in your mouth. All of the exercise in the world won't give you that lean physique you're looking for it you don't fuel it properly. So preparation is key to ensure you get the right nutrition at the right times and avoid temptations.

Some experts say it's 70% diet, 30% exercise. Some say 80/20, and even others say it's 90/10. Whatever it is, the obvious take-away is that diet is king. Without it, you will never achieve your goals. With it, the rest is easy.

With decades under my belt of doing this thing I now know that if I don't prep my meals ahead of time, I'm doomed. I'll get hungry and then look for the nearest food source. And we all know, most of the time what's available isn't exactly on our clean eating plan. Whether it's the vending machine, the drive thru, or even the restaurant down the street, each of them are filled with temptations. They will kill my progress and wreak even more havoc with my confidence.

It's a slippery slope that I dare not step foot on.

So I now cook once or twice a week, cooking ALL my meals and portioning them into individual containers. I use the FAB University meal planning tool that gives me exactly what I need to measure for all my meals. I love it.

I then put two days worth in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. They are stacked in order so I just grab and go. As I grab a stack from the fridge, I add another from the freezer.

With this system there is no room for guessing and no excuse not to eat clean.

I also have three soft-sided coolers I use for various occasions. My roller-cooler that I bring to work, my purse-sized cooler for running around town or going out with friends, and my back pack cooler for those long days hiking through the mountains. Leaves absolutely NO opportunity for guesswork.

I know what you may be thinking at this point. "Who has that kind of time to cook up all those meals?" Well, it takes about 2 hours for me to cook and portion out all the food for the week (see: Preparing Meals for the Week in 2 Hours). Much of that time is baking/microwave time in which I can get other chores done at the same time (i.e. laundry / cleaning).

With all the time it saves me during the rest of the week not having to prep those meals every night, it's well worth the chunk time invested on the weekend. I can't stress how much easier it makes my life and my fitness goals.

And if you're thinking that you can't do this because you have a family to feed. Well, why can't they eat what you eat for dinners? Steak and brown rice... chicken and sweet potatoes... if they want a little more flavor than have the sauces available for them after you've heated up the meals. It works wonderfully.

Plan your meals and tell me what you think!



Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

There's not nearly enough fat on that table for me, girl! :) I envy your organization skills though! One day I will be that good!

It helps me so much to be this prepared. And what you're not seeing is the 4 cups of almond milk I have a day. A little coffee and stevia and I have myself a vanilla almond milk latte. :)

I'm all about the lattes! Oh wait, I just found out last week (after 11 months of drinking them) that mine are called "breve" because they're made with half & half. Who knew they had a special name?! :)

Looks yummy! Just curious I'm training to compete in my first bikini comp how many oz's of chicken and veggies are in each container? My trainer wants me eating constantly and I'm not crazy about it..Thank for helping..

Pucc1 I typically have 4 oz of protein and a cup or two of veggies. I'm not too picky when it comes to veggies as they have so few calories. I just try to watch that they are fibrous. The brown rice is a cup (cooked). I taper that off considerably as I get closer to competition time.

I see you have 4 meals there for each day. How much and what is in each container? And how often do you snack and what do you eat?

Great questions! Yes, I prepare 4 meals for each day. These are the ones I cart with me where ever I go. The first meal of the day for me is cooked - 6 egg whites and one yolk and 1/2 cup of rolled oats in water.

The following 4 meals that are prepared once a week generally follow this outline but it varies:

Meal 2: veggies and lean protein (I like green beans and chicken)
Meal 3: same as meal #2
Meal 4: grain and lean protein (I like brown rice and petite sirloin)
Meal 5: starchy veggie and lean protein (I like sweet potatoes and chicken)

Snacks are almonds. Generally I will be very careful how many though as they are high in fat and calories. But I need that additional fat since it's lacking.

Portion sizes are generally what fits into your hand. Meaning, if you can fit a chicken breast in your hand it's probably about right.

Fortunately, unless you are weeks out from a competition, you don't need to be too careful about portions as long as you stick to clean eats. :)

Thank you for answering so quickly and also for the information. VERY helpful! :)

My pleasure! :)

This was the best recommendation on diet I've seen on the internet. I am leaving work today to purchase my containers. I cook my meals every night and have to get up at 4am to workout before work. This will give me some evening down time. I'm less than 16 weeks from my first figure competition and want to make sure I don't skip any meals because I am too tired to cook or forgot to take the chicken out to defrost. A protein shake for dinner is the pits!!

Wonderful Lissa! Oh that makes my heart sing!!!

Please do check back and let us know if this has made a difference for you after you've had a few weeks behind you.

And congratulations on working toward your first figure competition! It's such a fun process and so very rewarding.

With love,


Great Article!
I have been trying to preach this to my friends and family and they think I'm crazy! I love how much time it saves me during the week. Priceless time when we're all so busy trying to do as much as we can in one day lol not to mention the fact that it keeps you on track which in turn keeps you happy and motivated. I am sending this link to those that didn't believe me.
Thank you!!

PAN I'm so glad you like it! It's amazing how much time it saves me. I'm always kicking myself when I miss prepping meals on the weekend and wind up cooking every night or every other night. And you're right, it totally keeps me on track, especially when I'm measuring everything out meal by meal. No room for error that way. :)

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