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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Women in Fitness

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Women in Fitness


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Here's a list of great gift ideas for your favorite fitness gal.

1) Hand blender

With all the protein shakes fitness gals drink, anything that makes it easier is a welcome gift.

2) Fitness Jewelry

Figure, bikini, and fitness gals love to show off our passion. Jewelry is a beautiful reminder of what drives us every day.

3) Weight lifting gloves with wrist support

Women tend to have smaller wrists than men and are therefore more prone to wrist injuries. Weight lifting gloves with wrist support, preferably with bright accent colors, are a favorite.

4) Roller Coolers

Fitness women eat on the go. We're also conscientious of our impact on the environment. Recyclable snack bags are extra handy and roller coolers make our commitment to clean eating so much easier.

5) Protein Treats

Treats are no good unless they fit into our clean eating plan. Protein cookies make great stocking stuffers.

6) Workout Clothes

Fitness gals can never have enough workout clothes. And while we're not into flaunting, we certainly like to look our best. Get her something she wouldn't get for herself.

7) Fitness Recipe Books

Clean eating can at times become a bit boring. Help your favorite fitness gal spice it up a bit with a recipe book full of new ideas that won't set her back from her goals.

8) Her own Competition Preparation Coach

If you're really wanting to splurge, get her a competition prep coach that will help her to be her absolute best.

9) A Massage

Figure, bikini, and fitness gals train hard. Reward her with a free massage to sooth her sore muscles.

10) Gift Certificates and Competition Suits

Competition suits are one of those expenses that figure and bikini gals have a hard time spending money on. So get her a gift certificate that will enable her to buy the perfect suit for her next, or first, competition.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Workout clothes is what I asked Santa for this year! I'm tired of wearing the same 3 outfits 6 days a week. I didn't realize how bad it was til I started recording those videos!

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