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When You Feel Like Quitting

When You Feel Like Quitting


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A gal wrote to me today to say that she's had a tough week and thought about quitting. She was looking for a few words of encouragement. I wanted to share my response as I feel this is key to sticking with it when times are tough.

When you're thinking about quiting, stop and ask yourself why. Also ask yourself what is going to be better if you quit. Believe it or not I had these thoughts just this morning. I was tired - not enough sleep. I'm sore - too much training. I'm craving sweets. I seriously thought - what is it worth? Why keep this up? So I can squeeze myself into a stupid bikini on stage?

Then, I followed my own advice.

I stopped and thought, well what is going to change if I quit? Did I feel better before when I ate crap, didn't exercise, and slept 9 hours at a time but was still tired? Of course the answer is no. I felt crappy then, and most of the time DO feel so much better now. I'm DOING something about it rather than wishing I would.

So I just need to stick with it and get through those tough days without resorting to old destructive habits. It IS working, I'm just having a down day.

Seriously train yourself to think this way. Because we are ALWAYS going to have tough days no matter how great of shape we are in. The key is to not react like we used to (feeding our stress with junk food) and turn our tough days into tough weeks and years.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

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