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Showing Too Much Through Bikini Bottom

Showing Too Much Through Bikini Bottom


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There's really no way to delicately approach this question that came from an FAB Member. She asks, "I've always had larger lips (labia majora) than other women. How do I make sure this doesn't show through my suit? The competition suit bottoms are so tight they show everything!"

I'm so glad this gal wrote to us as very personal questions like this one help so many.

Every woman is built differently. Some have larger labia majora than others. It has little to do with body fat percentage so no matter how far you diet down for competition if you are blessed with larger "lips" then you likely will run into this FAB gals' challenge.

Competition suits are made to be strong and tight. They are made to hug every part of the body they touch, and therefore will show, quite literally, EVERYTHING. The result is somewhat of a 'wedged' look or more affectionately called 'camel toe' (I personally don't like that term). And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with this anatomy, as it's part of who women are, sometimes we just don't want to display it for everyone to see.

Fortunately there is a very simple solution. If your suit happens to hug you in this fashion just head down to the drug store or hardware store (yup - you read that right) and purchase either thin mole skin or duct tape. Cut it to fit just enough of that area inside of your suit bottom and wallah, problem solved! You've provided yourself a heavier material that won't hug your assets. :)

I hope that helps some and thank you again to the gal who was brave enough to ask this very personal question!

Author: Kristin Shaffer

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