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Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid


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It's no wonder America struggles with obesity and all the ailments that comes with it. The USDA food pyramid is just plain flawed. For decades figure and bikini competitors have thrown the government guidelines out the window and created their own rules that work. Here's a simplistic view of how they keep those bodies strong, lean, and shapely.

The USDA forgot to ask the ones who know best how to stay fit. If you look at the USDA food guide pyramid you'll see the recommendation to, "Choose most often foods that are made with little fat or sugars, like bread, english muffins, rice, and pasta."


Unfortunately it's misinformation like this that is contributing to the extreme rates of obesity in the U.S. and now other countries around the world.

Most breads, english muffins, rice and pasta will act exactly like sugar, spiking insulin and unless you're literally running a marathon while consuming these items, will turn into FAT.

The recommendation on fruit consumption is the following, "Choose fresh fruits, fruit juices, and frozen, canned, or dried fruit. Go easy on fruits canned or frozen in heavy syrups and sweetened fruit juices."

Well at least they said to go easy on the heavy syrups. But dried fruit? Most dried fruit has an incredible amount of added sugars. Someone didn't do their homework.

With protein sources comprising a measly percentage of the recommended intake, the USDA only solidifies my disbelief.

So let's look at what the pyramid should look like to maintain a healthy weight that supports strong muscles, low fat percentages, and long-term health.

Shown in this photo, the primary foods sources should consist of complex carbohydrates in the form of vegetables such as asparagus and sweet potatoes, and lean protein sources such as fish, lean beef, eggs and chicken. Then there are fruits, which should be consumed in considerably smaller quantities. And even less so healthy fat sources in the form of nuts and extra virgin olive oil and whole grains such as brown rice and rolled oats.

Basically do all your grocery shopping along the perimeter of the store where fresh whole foods are. Stay away from the inner isles with all the processed foods are. Not only will your grocery trips be much healthier, they will be faster too. :)

Author: Kristin Shaffer

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