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When The Day Gets Away From You

When The Day Gets Away From You


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You all know the conundrum I speak of. You are planning your meals down to a science, your hours spent like gold and then poof, there comes a day in your week where there is no time to put in your best workout. Normally, we all know this can happen from time to time, but when you are 3 weeks out from show...what do you do?

So, here I sit with what very little "work" free time I have and I wanted to share my grievances with those who can relate!

As my day has progressed, I am finding my time is being swept up and away like dust bunnies trapped in a broom. I will note that my day job is being a full-time office manager otherwise you would catch me just knuckling down to work out right where I stand! Our business is moving locations soon and I have to get done with work and go to a real estate showing that will take me well into my weight lifting time slot.

The frustration begins to rise to the surface. I still have several very important errands to run after this so my workout wouldn't be until past 9pm this evening! I sit here, pondering my limited options.

Rest is so important at this stage of the game so a late workout may have me foregoing much needed sleep. That would mean, however, that tomorrow would be full, full, full! We all know our best gains are made while our bodies are at rest so I fear I may have to pass up the last night excursion to the gym and kick it up a notch tomorrow with early morning cardio and weights at night.

Now, I will also add that is not the way I like to begin my days since I work 12 hours most days and instruct fitness classes at night, but what is a girl to do? We need our rest!

Maybe just having any one of you ladies out there reading this will help you through your struggle on an unplanned day. We are all going to have them, like it or not!

Remember, rest to rebuild and build to be better!!

Author: Jen Fleck

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