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Amazing Before and After with a Remarkable Young Woman

Amazing Before and After with a Remarkable Young Woman


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Adrienne Vail is a remarkable young woman with an incredible transformation story. Figure & Bikini is honored to have this exclusive interview with Adrienne explaining her accomplishments. Remember... "A fit body is IMPRESSIVE, but NOT IMPOSSIBLE"

--How tall are you?--

I'm 5'5

--How old are you?--

25 yrs old

--What was your heaviest weight?--

My heaviest ever was 215 I was 14yrs old at the time which is why I got started into getting fit.

Sept 2010 is when I started my recent transformation and I weighed in at 148lbs.

My heaviest ever was 215 at age 14 which is what started me into wanting to be fit. I yoyo dieted to 145-150lbs. Then at age 17 I became bulimic from the influence of fellow peers and dropped even more weight to about 123lbs. I realized what I was doing and how it was hurting me and with the help of my family I corrected my disorder but the following year I gained about 40lbs and met a boy who scrutinized me about my weight and looks and slowly I stopped eating and became obsessed with otc diet pills. I became underweight to about 110lbs. That's when I joined a gym and met a Personal trainer who helped me through this period of my life and coached me to a masculine 165lb build... and it doesn't stop there....

At the age 20 I decided that I want to do my way on my own terms and became a personal trainer and from there on I followed what I knew was best for me.... so from 165lbs I dropped to 148 and landed in the hospital in September 2010.

--What do you weigh now?--


--When did you start your transformation?--


--Did you have an "ah-ha" moment that triggered the beginning of your transformation?--

When everything I tried in the past was not working and landed me in the hospital being diagnoses with irritable bowel syndrome.

--How did you accomplish the transformation?--

It started with a change of mindset.

I had to be disciplined, consistent and excited about what I was doing. I had to change from thinking that it was a diet to this is a lifestyle that I plan on doing forever. Which helped me make realistic regimens for both my diet and exercise.

My previous diet was very clean but sporadic. I didn't know exactly when to eat and how much to eat. Also I had to research supplementation and which ones were best for me to use.

Having that said my eating habits are influenced by Pauline Nordin the creator of Fighter diet. So I eat high volumes of vegetables and do weekly to monthly refeeds. I use FDX2 And FDX. My supplements are Herbalife based and their sports performance line Herbalife 24. I can not live with out my Rebuild. :)

And I plan out my own training programs. I weight train 3-5 days a week and I do cardio 6 times a week from 30min-90mins daily.

--What has been the most difficult part of your transformation?--

Patience... I wanted a six pack in the 1st week.

--What has been the best part?--

My results hehe :) And my support team from my fiance Alvaro to Pauline Nordin to my Herbalife coach Maria Ramos. They have all been there for me during my whole transformation.

--If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is looking to transform their bodies for competition, what would it be?--


Author: Kristin Shaffer

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awesome transformation! congratulations adrienne!

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