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As of late, I have read several comments and/or articles shedding both a positive and negative light on what we deem a "fit" lifestyle. I have also been witness to something I truly do not appreciate. Those people out there who are "fans" of a particular athlete, competitor, or fitness group that have the audacity to leave cynical and negating feedback for those out there simply promoting themselves or their business. In this technological driven age, I wish people would regain their manners.

I must first premise my thoughts by saying, we truly are all entitled to what we believe in and our opinions on said matters. There comes a point where we should all remember the golden rule. In a more civilized time, our mothers and fathers would say. "Treat others the way you wish to be treated", and above all, "If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all".

We all have our idols out there in the fitness world. I have noticed more lately than ever that people think they have the right to critique anyone for anything. In my old line of work (retail management) we had a very powerful dose of knowledge that was passed around. For every happy customer, they tell 1 person about their experience. For every negative experience, they will tell 10. This hold true to several other aspects of social function.

I, frankly, am getting a little perturbed by those who think one way of eating, training, lifting is better than the next. The next time you have a client asking your preferred diet, regimen, what have you, choose your words carefully. In other words, we could all use a bit more TACT.

T- Think before you speak. If you have a professional criticism. Fine. However, for example, if you are a Crossfitter, don't mock those who do Zumba. If you believe in carb cycling, don't insult those who do Atkins.I can go on and on.

A- Access. What is good for the goose is NOT always good for the gander. Your methods may show results, but will they produce results for others? Offer up your training or your food intake as an option, not a mandate.

C- Care about what you say to others. I find this going to the wayside as of late. People seem to think they can say or judge any method or any athlete for that matter without any thought to respect. If you care about yourself, care for those you affect as well.

T- Try. What we do all day, everyday. We persevere, we try. We may not meet our goals or we may be proud of our results. Whether it be success or failure, we try. Giving in and becoming negative towards yourself or others is not going to help anyone.

I may sound like a rambling old school etiquette nut, but I think this goes on way too much in the fitness world. One way may not necessarily be better than the other. If you see an athlete post a progress picture, urge them forward. If you don't agree or like what you read/see, simply UNSUBSCRIBE. There is no room in this industry for hatred and bullying. Most people who negatively judge others don't have the courage to judge themselves. Unless someone's health or progress is on the line, be positive always and critcize carefully. We all could use a little more tact.

Author: Jen Fleck

Member Comments

Well said Jen. I too have seen a lot of that kind of behavior as of late. One thing I CAN guarantee is that sort of conduct will not be tolerated on Figure & Bikini. :)

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