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Tan Turned Green

Tan Turned Green


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Ah yes it was a proud moment. I had received my spray tan the night before prejudging and was excited to see my pasty white skin turn to a nice rich reddish-chocolate brown. Months of dieting and training were all coming together now. The finishing touches were being added to allow me to present my hard work. I had done all the prep they told me to do. Exfoliate with their scrubs – check. No soaps the day of the spray – check. No deodorant, lotions or perfumes – check. Sleep cool and dry – check. And when I woke up the next morning I had steaks and patches of green in unmentionable places. By mid that day I looked more like the female version of the incredible hulk rather than the tight, tan, tone image I had seen the night before. I was horrified.

After a quick text to the gentleman that runs the spray tanning I was instructed to wash off with cool water and go back for a respray. The results were beautiful and I stepped on stage with confidence.

But after having returned from the show and looking forward to the next, I had a sea of questions running through my mind. I certainly didn't want the same experience again, even though it turned out alright. To say it was stressful would be a huge understatement.

What happened? Was this normal? Did I do something wrong? What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Here is what I have learned.

Going “green” just happens to some competitors with some spray tanning products. It has something to do with the ph levels of your skin and how that reacts with the tanning product. Apparently the higher your ph, the more likely you are to turn green.

Different products can present different results on figure and bikini competitors so it's important to try several out before your competition to see how your skin will handle it. Yes, it's expensive to do this, but think about the downside of not doing so. Many shows don't have the spray tanning right on site like this one did. I just got lucky to have them right there to fix it. Without that, I likely would have lost months of preparation and hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars flushed down the drain. Not to mention the emotional letdown.

As of this writing, there are really 3 preferred tanning products being used for competition:

Jan Tana
Pro Tan
Liquid Rayz

There is a 4th – Dream Tan – that is worth mentioning. But many shows now ban this product as it is purely topical and rubs off on everything. Many venues have been ruined by it.

Each product presents a different look on stage and each reacts differently with your skin.

In this particular case the product was Jan Tana, which is not to say anything bad about that product. Dozens of other men and women were sprayed with the same stuff and didn't have any episode of green. Their color stayed rich and pure throughout the day. No problems whatsoever.

With the Jana Tana tan, Jan Tana recommends using a dab of their moisturizer to neutralize the green as long as it's only spotty. If it's what I experienced, you really need to shower off in cool water and reapply all over.

Liquid Rayz claims they have a formulation that works better with those prone to “go green”, so I have ordered a bottle and will be testing this prior to my next competition. I will also be testing Pro Tan.

Stay tuned for the results within the next few weeks.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

This happened to me to on my first contest! The tanning products my tan lady used was Liquid Sun Rayz. She just had me rinse off and resprayed me in the morning, and my tan came out great! After all that, the judges actually said that I had one of the best colors on stage :)

Brittnay that's too funny! I'm waiting for my Liquid Sun Rayz to show up in the mail so I can try it. Just got Pro Tan today and will test that this weekend. :)

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