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Yikes! Only a few weeks to go and my suit doesn't fit!

Yikes! Only a few weeks to go and my suit doesn't fit!


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This was exactly a post recently from a FAB gal. She custom ordered her suit. It arrived in time. But it's too small. This happens - it happened to me too just recently. What is a gal to do?

I had dieted and trained for 12 weeks. Things seemed to be right on track.

In a neat little package in my closet was the custom suit I had ordered well in advance of my competition. I gave the designer all my measurements and they designed the suit based on estimates of where my body would come in.

2 weeks before competition time... and I tried it on.

Now there are many moments in competition prep that one may have doubts about oneself - will I trip on stage? do I have enough muscle? will my tan come out okay? do I have my poses down?

But I have to admit there was no greater panic moment than when I tried that beautiful custom suit on to find my booty popping out in places it wasn't supposed to.

I'm not typically a cussing person - but I have my limits. Something like, "What the #@!!% am I supposed to do now?" Ah yes it was a proud moment.

I really had three options at this point:

(1) postpone competing until a later date (I didn't want to do that - worked too hard to get where I was)

(2) diet down harder (not preferable for me either as I didn't want to lose what precious little muscle I have)

(3) find an off-the rack suit that's a bit larger - I opted for this one

I took measurements of the custom suit I had made - triangle height and width; bottom front height and width; bottom back height and width; and estimated what I felt I needed.

I then contacted a couple of gals that had suits listed in the classifieds. None of them worked out.

I then contacted Saleyla, one of our designers, and she was able to rush to me a ready-made suit that met my estimates. It was a risk - it had feathers on it and I didn't know how that would look, but I really had no other options and I trusted Silvia.

The suit arrived, I tried it on, and I instantly LOVED it!

The pic is from the competition with my wonderful "emergency suit", feathers and all. :)

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Woo Wee you were saved!! Good thing there are designers that have rockin solutions and fast. I sure am thankful that didnt happen when I had my 1st comp, my suit arrived the day before I jumped on a plane to compete... Lucky me I the fit was GREAT!! Glad it worked out for ya!! You looked FANTASTIC!!

Krislynn yes, I was SO lucky and fortunate to be working with a great designer. She didn't design the first one (that didn't fit). Thank goodness she was so accommodating when I needed her in a pinch!

How scary!!! no I'm worried about getting my suit!! But good to know!!!

I will be using Saleyla. If my show is April 6th 2013, when would you suggest I do measurements to order?

To be safe I would plan on 6 weeks out at the least.

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