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Jan Tana vs. Pro Tan vs. Liquid Sun Rayz

Jan Tana vs. Pro Tan vs. Liquid Sun Rayz


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It's THE BATTLE OF THE TANS! We wanted to test each of the most popular tans on the market today to compare them side by side for the first time. So we solicited a random subject (my legs) and put these products to the test. We compared easy of application, time to dry, depth of color under various light conditions, ease of touch up, undertone colors, and wear-ability. Each product was remarkably different and each has its pluses and minuses.

Now before we get into the heart of this very non-scientific study, here's my disclaimer (so I don't get a phone call from some angry people). The products here were all hand-applied by a novice (me), I'm very white naturally, like Casper-the-ghost-white, being of Swedish and German descent, and I did not prep my skin with the recommended washes from each company.

I did use a low ph liquid soap for the week and exfoliated my skin. I also shaved more than 8 hours prior to the first application. I did not apply anything to my skin after my shower the day of the first application. No moisturizers, perfumes, deoderants, etc. Yeah, we may look good on stage but by the end of that second day we smell just lovely. ;)

Oh and the most important disclaimer of all the information presented here are my observations and opinions based on this VERY non-scientific experiment. Okay potential lawsuit out of the way let's move on. :)

The three products compared were Jan Tana Hi Definition Tan, Pro Tan and Liquid Sun Rayz. Two applications were made approximately 2 hours apart. A fan was used to aid in drying and 30 minutes was allowed after each application prior to putting on loose clothing.

Here's the sequence of events:

7:30 pm first application
30 minutes of drying
(color check and photos)
10:30 pm second application
30 minutes of drying
(color check and photos)
50 minutes of cardio on the treadmill
Sleep in loose cotton sweats

-- Next Morning --
50 minutes of cardio
(color check and photos)
Shower cool water only
30 minutes of drying
Sheen applied
(color check and photos)

----- 1st Application -----

Liquid Sun Rayz
-applied by spraying from bottle and rolling with small -foam roller that was supplied by company
-spray was messy
-liquid comes out olive green on skin (company had a little note with the product that warned of this and to not be alarmed)
-VERY dark first coat
-little difficult to control how the product is applied
-little blotchy

Pro Tan
-applied by spraying liquid into plastic container and applying with sponge with handle supplied by company
-liquid comes out orangish
-stings pores a little (could smell the alcohol)
-dries fast
-spreads evenly
-extremely light first coat but darker than Jan Tana
-bad smell
-smooth didn't soak into pores like the others

Jan Tana
-applied with sponge provided by company
-liquid comes out orangish-green
-light first coat
-a little blotchy
-redder than Pro Tan but not much
-dried super fast
-soaked into pores, making them dark

----- 2nd Application -----

Liquid Sun Rayz
-greenish/brown color, looks strange
-fast to apply but more blotchy than the others
-spray super messy

Pro Tan
-smooth application
-no blotchiness
-more yellow/green undertones than the other two
-irritates pores
-2nd coat and still very light compared to others

Jan Tana
-dried super fast
-more red than others by far
-blending better on second application
-like the sponge over other applicators
-not messy

----- Next Morning -----

Liquid Sun Rayz
-deep chocolate brown color
-very blotchy
-tried to blend with their product and the roller and had little success

Pro Tan
-super light
-would need several more coats to come close to depth of color of others
-yellow/green undertones

Jan Tana
-reddish color
-a little blotchiness but blended well with the puff slightly moistened with their product
-not as dark as Liquid Sun Rayz

----- After Shower Application -----

Liquid Sun Rayz
-applied one more coat
-deep chocolate brown color
-less blotchiness but still there

Pro Tan
-the color was so light after the shower I gave up (I'm too impatient I guess)
-would need many more coats to get depth of color

Jan Tana
-had to apply two more coats to get more depth of color
blended very well
-reddish color
-no blotchiness

----- Sheen -----
(used both Pro Tan's gel and Jan Tana's Hi-Definition Glaze on separate sections of all tans)

Pro Tan's Gel
-great shine
-stayed wet
-smudged color a little on all

Jan Tana's Glaze
-not as shiny as Pro Tan's Gel
-no smudging of color

----- Removal -----
I used Liquid Sun Rayz E-Rayz It scrub the following morning in the shower. It worked very well to take off a good portion of each product. Liquid Sun Rayz left a darker natural-looking tan and Jan Tana left a lighter natural-looking tan.

----- Results and Opinion of this Author -----


-two coats was plenty
-dried fairly fast
-color might be good for darker-skinned women

-didn't seem to blend well for touchup
-color looked strange with my skin tone since when I tan my natural tan is reddish
-messy application


-color goes on smooth and even
-dries super fast
-non-messy application

-would take many coats to achieve depth of color (I gave up after two)
-yellowish/greenish tint with my skin tone


-dries super fast
-reddish undertones matched my skin tone well since when I tan my natural tan is reddish
-blends well for touchups
-clean application

-need to apply a couple more coats than Liquid Sun Rayz to get the same depth of color
-tended to be a bit blotchy but was able to blend out easily


While certainly every product will respond differntly to your personal skin tone and composition, Jan Tana by far was my favorite and will be the product I use for my next competition.

The sheen I prefer is also Jan Tana. It dried nicely and didn't smudge any of the products.

The photo for this article illustrates the three products and corresponding photos from pros wearing them. I couldn't find a related photo of a pro wearing Liquid Sun Rayz.

The video shows product in the following sections:

Left Leg Jan Tana
Right Leg Liquid Sun Rayz
Lft Upper Liquid Sun Rayz
Rt Upper Pro Tan

***** UPDATE *****

We have some information on Jan Tana Ultra 1 that might be helpful. FAB gal Stephanie wrote in with her Ultra 1 experience along with photos. I can attest to the photo that the color looked like Jan Tana's classic deep dark reddish-tan. Here is what she said:

"The first time I used it I had to find out how to best apply it. I was too anxious to apply it only in the morning of my competition and did one coat in the evening before. This turned green overnight in some areas so I had to shower it off and do another one in the morning which was perfect.

So - I think the best is to really only do it in the morning of the competition. That allows you to sleep better the night before (if you know what i mean) and gives you an awesome color. It is very rich so one bottle will last for 2-3 shows. You should apply it in one direction (no circles). I tried both ways and circles didn't do it as nice. The application puff is wonderful for it. I just totally love this stuff and it blends great. I used sheen but very little. Just slightly tapping it on with full palm of the hand."

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

I self-tanned with Pro Tan my first competition and got the same results...light and orange. I've never tried Sun Rayz. Now I just pay the airbrush people $100 and don't worry about it! Jan Tana is by far the most popular in the comps I've been in. I really like it too. Great experiment Kristin!!!

I didn't have the best experience having the pros spray me. It just never seemed to dry on me so it got very blotchy. I think it may have been because they had to apply so many coats in such a short period of time. I was caked with the stuff!

LOL I'm lucky to have olive skin and and tan easily!

Thanks for this awesome experiment - Kristin! I used Protan for my first competitions (1 time self applied and 1 time airbrushed). I really did not like the time spend on this and the smell + it pretty dries out the skin. I am going to try Jantana Ultra 1 this time (in 3 weeks). Did anyone ever try the Ultra 1 and can give me some advice? Jantana says there is only one coat needed for this one and I should in no way do 2 coats. Is the sponge good to use? Thanks in advance!
--ms sunshine

Ms Sunshine I haven't tried the Ultra 1 but have heard it's not as effective as the High Definition. And Jan Tana really pushes the High Definition so that might be a safer route to go. Jan Tana sends an applicator with the product. It was the most effective applicator out of all of them.

I already have the ultra 1. :( I will research if I can find someone who used it. jantana uk told me that they would recommend it to me before hi-difinition. i will share my experience in 3 weeks. :)
--ms sunshine

There are several types of Jan Tana: Jan Tana Show Tan, Jan Tana Competition Tan, Jan Tana ultra 1 color competition. Any opinions on which is the best. Many thanks!

Ok - here is my experience with Jantana Ultra 1. I absolutely love it! It is an awesome color, easy to use and does not dry out the skin so much. Apply it on competition day and you are fine! I will never go without Ultra 1 again. Really can only recommend it. It is so much better to not sleep with color before competition, it smells not as bad as ProTan, washes off easily.
--ms sunshine

ms sunshine that's great info! Do you happen to have a pic you can send to me? It would be nice to see the color. You can email it to Thanks!


Thanks for the feedback! I'm going to order Jantana Ultra 1.

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