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Tips for Traveling with Food

Tips for Traveling with Food


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I wanted to offer some tips & tricks that I have learned over the past couple of years in regards to traveling with food when I am preparing for a show.

I have certainly come a long way in the past few years in regards to preparing & packing my food as a figure athlete. I have to laugh because last year when I went to Miami I actually traveled with all of my chicken in one glass container, all of my sweet potato in another and veggies in another. I brought a scale with me, you could imagine the airport security when they pulled a scale out of my bag in Miami Oh boy have I come a long way since then. It can be a little intimidating & frustrating when you are not familiar with traveling with your food. It's time consuming preparing it no matter what but these are some tips that I have found helpful thanks to my fellow competitors. Hope you find them useful too!

- Prepare your food a few days before you leave.

- Measure all portions ahead of time & separate your meals according to number of the meal.

- Put each meal in a baggie (I use Ecozip Sandwich bags) they are multi-storage bags..they are awesome!

-Label bags MEAL 1, MEAL 2 Ect.... so you can just grab them.
I freeze all meals. That way they can be used as ice in the cooler and they stay fresh.

-Make sure your hotel has a fridge & microwave!

-Also, thanks to a friend of mine I learned a great little tip to bring a mini George Foreman grill to heat my meat! Love this idea!!!!

-I personally do not freeze my asparagus, I have a mini microwave steamer that I bring with me so it is fresh & not soggy. I got mine from the pampered chef, it's great!

-Don't forget to get to drink your water! It's easy to forget when your traveling, especially on a plane!

-Last but not least I travel with my meals in a (6 Pack Fitness) cooler, this was a great investment! I know other girls who use mini travel suitcases too.

Well, I hope that these tips were helpful as they are very useful to me! I am glad that I donít travel with heavy glass containers anymore, lol. Have a happy & healthy day!

Author: Shannon Petralito

Member Comments

Great post Shannon! I would love to hear what you eat the day before and the day of your competitions as well.

I eat pretty much the same sources of protein the week of & day of the show. I usually travel with chicken & a little lean red meat. Not a fan of traveling with fish! I just eat smaller portions the day before & day of the show. I eat Sweet Potato & Asparagus too. I also bring grapefruit with me for my fruit. Don't forget your water! You need it the day before & the day of! Everyone's body is different so what I need may differ from what you need in regards to portion size but this is pretty much what is in my cooler the day before & day of a show. Oh, don't forget a treat for after the show! I LOVE Nestle Dark Chocolate covered pretzels!!!! Hope this helps! Have a great day!

I so wish I would have read this 2 weeks ago! I did my first out of state show and boy was it a learning experience :) Love the tip about freezing the food, and the mini George Foreman grill-next time :) I do love my 6 pack bag-that helped a lot!

Great post. It took me a while to figure it all out to and I now do the exact same things that you do when traveling with food.
--Kim Schaefer

I am traveling to FL this weekend, did any of you ladies have any trouble carrying on your food? What about protein or glutamine powders? Thank you for the tips :)

I travel occasionally and have no troubles. Just don't try to take ice through security. If you freeze everything ahead of time it should last without it. Or, if refrigerated, you can fill up ziplock baggies with ice after you're through security. Also don't take any freezer gel-type packs. Powders are just fine. Clear bags so security can see them in plain sight are best.

;) Just had this conversation with some fellow comp travelers.. I too use ziploc bags and a soft zipper cooler and if traveling by plane a miny GForeman. If driving I actually have a mini micro... Its FANTASTIC!! Loved the Post!

This last show I drove to - 7.5 hours one way. I used a portable food heater that looks like a lunch box and plugs into the cigarette lighter. The thing worked so well it actually COOKED my food! So nice to have piping hot food on the road. No more cold chicken for me! :)

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