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The Big Switch

The Big Switch


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This past weekend marks my first First in a Figure show. I spent oodles of my time looking over the pictures, making notes, observing my competition, writing down future goals, etc. Funny how life goes sometimes, I finally get a first place finish and decide to change divisions. Hmmmm...

I am sure all you lovely iron ladies out there know how I feel this week. The back is tighter than ever, the abs are in true pain, and you really don't want to see another pair of heels for awhile. Regardless,. when you are a serious athlete like we all are, you begin to study where you want to be for "the next run". As I click through all of my photos, I realized something. I really don't quite know why I won? I am not knocking myself down, but I have observed that my body type is nothing like the other girls on stage. I can never get that large front delt to pop nor the perfectly poised v-taper. I have a six pack, but it doesn't show well on stage. Not to mention how many girls perceived to tell me on Saturday why I should be in bikini. Huh?

With their thoughts in mind, I went back through yet again and stared. I see why the judges may have like me better. I look the most natural. However, I do have the biggest by inch difference in a waist/hip ratio and quite a round derriere to top it off. On the downside, my legs are those of a gymnast. Toothpick heart-shaped calves are something I can only dream of, and, oh yeah, I have no chest to speak of. What to do?

Now, i will also say a great deal of my idols are bikini girls. At the pro level, they are well-oiled muscled machines with great hips. I also adore my figure pros as well who have been great inspirations. (Hello,. Nicole, I love you!!) After some poking around at some other affiliations, I think I have found a compromise. UFE shows have their bikini girls with a bit more muscle, because lets face it, I have grown attached to mine! I earned the bulk I finally got to put into my upper body.

I would say, all in all, the point I want to make to you great women out there is this: We are never really done changing! This is a good thing. We must step outside the box and crush it! Comfort zones are not allowed in this sport. We would never get up on stage if they were. I have been on stage several times now for figure, but pushing my tush out to the judges scare the pants off me!! Makes no sense, I am aware of this.

At the end of the day, we can never settle. We must evolve! I love that rules and regulations I read for UFE bikini.." We are not looking for a specific body type, just overall presentation of how confident you are and how well you present your assets". Be the best you you can be is what I take from that. So, here goes, 4 weeks and counting to jump ship and take the plunge. Don't settle, ladies! As always, Never Give Up!

Author: Jen Fleck

Member Comments

Great article Jen!!! It's definitely a only you can take. You'll do great at whatever you decide! Good luck!

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