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Grocery Store Humor

Grocery Store Humor


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I'm one of those strange individuals that loves the grocery store. I think one of the reasons is every time I'm there it's an experience. This one I just couldn't resist sharing...

It was a typical Saturday grocery store visit. Circle the perimeter - avoid the isles where the processed foods are. Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and lean meats.

Cucumbers, strawberries, bananas, and frozen broccoli. Huge flats of boneless skinless chicken breast and 5 dozen eggs. Petite sirloin.

And... salad. LOTS of it.

I eat so much of it these days that I usually clear out the stores entire display of prepackaged salad mix.

I'm used to the strange looks now and typically ignore them. It amazes me to no end how individuals find it strange to see someone consume so much fresh food. They are 'concerned' about me that I don't get enough nutrients on such a 'restrictive' diet.

Restrictive? Really??? You mean I'm depriving my body of flour, sugar, and massive amounts of salt? How did our society's impression of healthy eating turn into that? But I digress...

The checkout lady is a sweet woman. I see her every week. She always asks how I am and has a warm, endearing smile that I look forward to seeing.

Today as she was ringing up my massive amounts of fresh food she cleared her throat and asked, "Um Maam???? Is this for resale?"

Not knowing instantly what she meant I said, "I'm sorry?"

She replied, "Is this for a restaurant?"


Cracking up, "Ummmm no, thank you."

Chuckling while I continued to bag my items she continued the conversation...

"So is it a wedding or a graduation party?"


Ahhhhhh the life of a competitor...

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

lol - that is funny! I do get these looks as well.

--ms sunshine

WOW! this is great, mainly because i go through similar scenarios every week as well!

I'm fortunate in that I can go twice a week. I hit two different stores. I had a trader Joe's employee look in my basket once and say. You are the healthiest eater we have shop in here :)

When i lost my first amount of weight over 60 lbs my daughter (who lives out of state) was concerned I had become anorexic until she watched me wolf down 7 meals the next week before comp.
our world is a great one, but mysterious to the "average" person


Yes, my best client is a guy who does concrete for a living, I keep him on this same style diet because of all the energy it provides. He gets made fun of all the time for eating "ridiculous" rabbit food. What a society.

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