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Soundbites for What We Do

Soundbites for What We Do


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How many times have you been at a loss for words when someone asks you about your competitions? Is there this awkward silence as you're trying to explain how you get up on stage in front of a crowd in a blinged out bikini? Are you concerned about your image, how you might be perceived? Here are a few sounds bites to help you turn those awkward moments into positive experiences.

I work in an office environment in the food industry. I oftentimes find myself explaining why I bring a cooler to work, why I eat several meals a day, and why I don't "just have a bite" because it actually "will hurt". ;)

Since figure and bikini competitions are not as well known as bodybuilding competitions yet, most don't have a clue what it is that we do and why we would want to do it. If you tell them you're preparing for a bikini competition, they have this instantaneous mental vision of Ft. Lauderdale Spring Break. Not exactly what you were hoping for.

If you compete in figure, you have the added complexity of the deer in the headlight look. Huh? What in the world is a 'figure competition'? Then you spend the next 10 minutes trying to explain why you have to go up in front of hundreds in your blinged out bikini. Especially in the work environment, the feeling of awkwardness is an understatement.

Since I've had a few decades of practice at this now, I have developed a few sound bites that help ease the conversations and typically leave it with the recipient of the information more intrigued and curious than critical. I hope this helps.

Q: Vacation Friday? Cool! Doing anything special?
A: Yup, heading to Vancouver.
Q: Oh yeah? What for? Family visit?
A: Nah. Competing.
Q: Competing in what??? [perplexed]
A: A figure competition.
Q: [long pause with puzzled look] Is that like an endurance race or something?
A: No, it's a little like a bodybuilding competition.
Q: You're a bodybuilder???? [flabbergasted]
A: No, not really. I'm a figure competitor. It's a bit like bodybuilding though as it takes the same commitment and discipline.
Q: So do you like have a fitness routine or something?
A: Nope. Just mandatory poses so the judges can evaluate and compare physiques.
Q: Weird. So ummmmm... do you have to where a posing suit or something? [looking uncomfortable]
A: Yup.
Q: I could never do that. Do you get money or something if you win?
A: Nope.
Q: Then why in the world would you want to do something like that? [obviously thinking this is weird]
A: The same reason marathon runners run marathons. They don't do it to win, they do it to better themselves. I love weight lifting and I love eating clean. Figure competitions give me that goal, that target, to shoot for. Without it I wouldn't be as committed. That's why I love it so much.
Q: Ah. Makes sense. Well cool!

That is a very typical conversation that I have at least once a month. :)

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Love it! :)
--ms sunshine

Now the challenge of not eating every time my co workers have these weekly (unhealthy) what they call "circles" where every Friday, they bring in unhealthy foods, eat and chat about non work related stuff. Plus there's always food from in between meetings hanging around.

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