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FABulously Fit Friday - Professional Makeup Artist or DIY

FABulously Fit Friday - Professional Makeup Artist or DIY


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In this episode of FABulously Fit Friday we look at the pros and cons of hiring a professional makeup artist for your competition versus doing it yourself.

Do you have a question you would like answered? Write to me at I can't wait to hear from you!

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

I am actually a professional Make-up Artist. I would recommend if you know how to do your own make up then do it yourself!It will save you money. Just remember this is STAGE MAKE-UP so its definitely more dramatic than your every day make up- However, if you are more challenged with doing your own make up then going to a professional will not only teach you a thing or two, it will also give your the confidence and you'll be stress free. The one thing that is important is: Face Make Up. Especially with competing your face will most likely be tanned- slightly. I do recommend spraying a light coat on the face -however it will depend on who you use for tanning services. Other wise use bronzer on the face. The worst thing is to have a face 5 shades lighter than the rest of your body. DONT make that mistake..but DONT over tan your face and look like an umploopa either!!! Another tip: Lips... be careful choosing a lip color that is not too light of a color for your coloring. (Lighter pinks- will make you look like Magda from "Something About Mary" haha.) I hope this helps.. but I definitely think having your make up done is a stress saver and is soo worth it! Good Luck<3
--Kelsey Lawrence

Kelsey that's wonderful advice! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise!!!



I have always done my own make up and hair and will continue to do so.

I have encountered many first time competitors feeling self conscious because they felt they were wearing too much make up. Without looking like a clown, you do have to wear a lot of make up.

You can never go wrong with smokey eyes and fake lashes.

Pick out a foundation palette that contains light to dark shades. That way you can mix it to create the shade that will compliment your super tanned body. Do not have your face the same shade as your body...a couple shade lighter is the best way to go.

Also, do your research; look at and compare competitor's backstage photos and their stage photos.

Best of luck and enjoy the ride!


MissNatalie I completely agree! Smokey eyes ALWAYS look great, no matter what the eye shape or color. And fake lashes can really help the eyes to pop on stage!

Great advice!



Hi Kristin. I love this video! Thanks for posting it! I'm training for my first figure (giving myself plenty of time). I'ev read a few articles on tanning. 2 professionals say you should start tanning (yourself before the show) about 3 days out-Wednesday. They tell you how to apply it but no one tells if IF you should shower, bathe, wash, etc. AFTER you've applied your tan before the show. These 2 authors say that the tan will shower off after the show--they never mention what happens BEFORE the show. Also with makeup, how soon before your show (let's say I have a Saturday show) should we start applying our own foundation (particularly the spray one that you recommend?) Thanks so much. -Joan.

Joan thank you SO much for your kind words. You made my day! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know you've gotten value from the video.

That's a great question about applying the tan for a show. The reason the pros might not have mentioned anything about showering is likely because it depends.

In my experience, you should NOT shower between your first application of the tanning product and stage time. You'll be smelly... but fortunately so is every else so no one cares. LOL

However, there is an exception to that. If for some reason between your first application of the tanning product and stage time you either (1) start turning green or (2) get really blotchy or runny from sweat or water spills, you may have to take a QUICK cold water rinse to get the top layer off and reapply a couple of coats.

I actually had that happen to me, where I turned green and had to take a quick cold shower to get that top layer off and then reapply a couple of coats. Looked great after that.

But generally though, unless something goes wrong with the tan, you won't shower in between your first coat and stage time. If you're using Jan Tana that should really only be one night as you can start your applications the day before the show.

For makeup, you can wait until very close to stage time to apply your foundation. Since the foundation products don't stain your skin you're better off just doing your makeup a couple of hours before you step on stage so it looks fresh.

I hope that helps. Don't hesitate to ask any other questions.

With love,

You are so welcome! Thank you again for this site! I kinda thought that everyone would be kinda 'smelly' (LOL), but it's never mentioned (I guess they don't want to scare us first-timers off). :-) I also subscribe to you via youtube as well. :-) Lots to learn. I'm starting now with the intent on doing first show in early 2013. Was gonna shoot for Oct 2012, but after sending my pics to a coach, a later date was suggested so I can have plenty of time to get the fat off without pressure, get posing sessions in, etc. :-) Thanks so much for answering my questions. :-) Take care!

I love this thread ... it is so interesting to hear what everyones "prep" is like. we always talk about diet and training, but we really didn't cover appearance. I always get spray tanned the night before and the morning of.... and I don't shower in between. I will touch up after prejudging as well.

regarding makeup, i do it once in the morning and touch up before the night show (i don't reapply it as it would require me to wash my face and then i risk getting water spots on my tan). my general rule is to go two shades lighter on my face than the color of my tanned skin is. as a former competitive dancer, I've been doing my makeup my entire life- so i always do it myself. However, depending on the caliber of the show, i would possibly get it professionally done.... :)

Great advice Sarah!

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