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Does the Green-Eyed Envy Monster get the Best of You?

Does the Green-Eyed Envy Monster get the Best of You?


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In this Episode of FABulously Fit Friday we explore how to turn envy from a negative to a positive force in your life.

Have you ever felt envious of others? Do you look at accomplished fitness professionals and think you'll never achieve what they have acheived?

If you have, this episode of FABulously Fit Friday's is for you.

Envy can be destructive, no doubt. But with every ping of envy there is a seed of truth. The key is to find out what that truth for you is.

Have you ever experienced being evious of others and were able to conquer it?

Please share your experiences in the comments below the video.

I believe each of us can learn from the seeds of envy. With practice, we can turn what can be a very negative feeling into positive action.

Again, tell me your specific take on this topic in the comments below. I'm looking forward to hearing your perspective on this.

With love,


p.s. If you would like to submit a question for an upcoming FABulously Fit Friday just zip me an email at

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

If it is a person that I can get to know, for example someone at the gym or work, I ask them questions and try and learn from them. If it is someone in a magazine, I'll go online and look up videos on YouTube and watch and learn from them. I use the green-eyed monster to push myself.

Love it!

Hi Kristin. First off, it took ALOT of courage AND guts for this person to even write a question. Most people-let alone competitors wouldn't have even done this. So I commend (Sara is her name)for mustering up the courage to ask such an honest question. The fact that she asked demonstrates that she doesn't want to be like this. I also liked your response. She may have to stay off facebook for a minute until these things die down. Another thing: focusing on others (this advice can apply to anything) and comparing (because that's what we're really doing) ony distracts the person doing it: you,not them. It will distract you from focusing on your training, diet, or whatever it is you are trying to focus on. It doesn't matter how perfect any competitor looks on stage, at a photo shoot,etc., as Kristin said we ALL HAVE WEAKNESSES, but we tend to cover those. Sometimes talking helps, too. If not a close friend, then a counselor because you don't want this thing to consume you--because jealousy will.

I hope you post back to let us know how you are doing. I love this site because it gets down to nitty gritty. I'm still a newbie, so I'll stop for now. Thanks for an honest post and open conversation. :-) -Joan (JC)

Great thoughts Joan!

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