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Do you have the Sneaky Snack Syndrome?

Do you have the Sneaky Snack Syndrome?


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In this FABulously Fit Friday episode we explore how to defeat the Sneaky Snack Syndrome.

How many times have we sabotaged ourselves by snacking on junk food?

If you have ever found yourself "falling off the wagon" with your clean eating then this episode is for you.

Whether it's because we don't have our clean meals handy, or because something happens in our lives and we reach for the sugar, sneaking snacks can destroy our best efforts to life a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Think about it. Who are we "sneaking" from anyway?

Don't we feel guilty when we're consuming junk simply because we it's going to destroy our progress?

Then why do we continue to do it?

I want to hear what you have done to conquer the Sneaky Snack Syndrome.

Leave your comments below and share your experience.

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

I love this video, Kristin! You did such a great job. These are great tips. I love how you present them in a loving, caring, light-hearted manner. I would love to add 1 more tip: be proactive and develop tools in your toolbox to manage stress and boost your confidence in handling what comes your way BEFORE you find yourself in these situations. I find that when I know I can handle tough situations or can diffuse the stress through mindfulness or breathing exercises, then the urges to escape, soothe or numb out with food rarely hit.

I can't wait for you next FAB fit Friday video!

I really needed this after having a horribly emotional week due to some family conflicts. My eating migrated and I had difficulties keeping it together (or perhaps more importantly wanting to keep it together). I woke up and watched this video and it's amazing. I've heard of this before but hearing competitors dealing with it really hits me hard. Today as I eat my first meal and write out my goals for the week. I'm going to make myself utilize these techniques. For myself I started hula hooping in February. It's been a source of sdestressing and bringing out a creative side. I also encourage people to try it if you look into a local hoop dance class. It's basically amazing! And now that it's summer you can do it outside which is great! I'm looking forward to other peoples suggestions! Thanks for the great video and sharing your own experiences; reminds me we are all human. All the best everyone!

I think this has been the hardest for me to do out of the whole process of getting ready for a competition. Eating my meals is no problem, hitting the gym is great. Breaking up with sugar- like grating my head with a cheese grater. I didn't realize I even had a dependancy on sugar because I never ate a lot of sweets, but it must have been in there because as soon as things cleaned up I suddenly craved things like chocolate to the point of acting like a junky and shaking. If i keep busy and don't have time to stop I am fine, but if i get bored at work or am at home waiting for the hubby to get home so we can hit the gym after work I suddenly feel that craving hit. Then I go through the whole " no, you can't it will ruin your progress....just say no" which then leads me to feel anxiety and stress because now I am denying myself something, like a punishment. One day my hubby came home to find me pacing through the house in a circle, stopping in the kitchen to look in the fridge each time (open, shut, open, the magic solution will appear if i only open it that ONE MORE TIME!)...*sigh*.
So if you are like me and are apparently a shaky drug addict for sugar here is a good therapy article you might like to read:

Love Ally

Elaine that's a WONDERFUL tip. You are right on as usual! And for others reading this comment, check out Elaine's blog for more great tips - she has an amazing story and so much love to share:

fmphillips - I LOVE the hula hooping class idea! That sounds like so much fun! I have personally taken hip hop classes as a similar stress release in the past and found great enjoyment in that.

Thank you so very much for posting your experience and showing others that this is more common than they think.

I believe there's an awful lot of people that think fitness gals don't ever have cravings and never have down times. Couldn't be further from the truth.

Ally - Obviously I've been stricken with the Sneaky Snack Syndrome before... can I get paid for being a professional refrigerator lurker? ;)

You're certainly not alone. Hopefully the little humor with the "Snack Zapper" will bring some laughter when it happens again. :) Sure does in my house - my son thinks it's hysterical.

Much love,

Fun video! I am a refrigerator lurker, but because there is nothing in there, but veggies and chicken breasts I just have to walk away. I have found a gum that helps fight off the cravings, it is called Spry. Great gum, it is made with 100% Xylitol.

You know.... Ive NEVER cheated when dieting for a show. I won't take so much as a LICK of something I shouldn't have. However, it seems as if my discipline "shuts off" in between my preps sometimes because I tend to "snack" here and there! I still can't explain WHY i do it- i know it isn't benefiting me in any way.... and i also know that if i wouldn't have eaten it, i would have made that much more progress in my off season. I love to stand in front of the fridge, open it thirteen thousand times (hoping something new will magically appear), but obviously--- it never does. Then, my boyfriend will have caught me snooping in the fridge and offer to take me out to eat and for desert :/ how do i say no to that?! he competes too, so he knows when NOT to offer, but offseason he seems to get away with eating much more junk than i do.

i am working VERY hard this time around to not go through that "cheat" phase off season. I think the most important part is finding a balance.... but it is definitely challenging

Ha! Isn't that funny that we'll lurk even when we know there's nothing there? I LoVe it!!!

aford - I'll have to try Spry. Sounds great.

Sarah - you have an amazing physique already, which I know you've worked hard at achieving. I can't even imagine what you'll accomplish when you focus more in the off season! Go for it!

With love,

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