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How to Find Time to Work Out

How to Find Time to Work Out


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Have you struggled to find time to exercise and cook your meals to eat right? Does it sometimes seem like you just can't seem to find time to focus on you? If so, then this episode of FABulously Fit Friday is for you!

The laundry...

The dishes...

The cleaning...

The kids...

The mother-in-law...

The husband...

The job...

The oil in the car changed...

There are a million things we need to do in a day! And oftentimes working out and eating clean doesn't make it on that list.

Or if it does, it's WAY at the bottom.

If you have found this to be the case in your life, then you're not alone.

In fact, millions of women get less than 6 hours a sleep at night, and never get to a gym, despite the intention to.

Check out our latest FABulously Fit Friday episode to see how you can fit working out into your busy schedule.

And please let me know what YOU have done to make time just for you. I want to hear from you in the comment section below this video.

As always with love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

This is such a challenge for me & I find that if I don't get the time I need to work out or just relax I get really resentful of the people around me who are sucking up all my time.

I recently was hired to open & manage a gym & during construction it was easy to find time to work out but since we opened it's been impossible to work out. Members need help or there are a billion things that need to be done..I figured if I signed up for a bikini comp I'd force myself to find the time, but that just gave me more time on the floor for people to harass me.

The solution? I went out and hired a trainer at another gym. It sounds ridiculous, and my husband thinks I'm crazy, but I justify the money by pointing out how much better my attitude is. So far so good.

I understand the challenge of fitting in workouts and there are several things that work for me:
1. I cook all meals on Sundays
2. I wake up around 5 a.m. and do cardio then take the dog out-this is really hard in the winter months because it is so cold and dark outside.
3. I come home from work take the dog out again and then head to the gym for my weight training and another round of cardio.
4. My husband and I workout in the evenings together so we have this time together, but getting home at 7:00 or sometimes 7:30pm is tough because I still have to grab something to eat and pack my meals for the next day.

My schedule opens up a little in the summer since I'm an educator and I have a break from the 10 month grind which includes an hour commute to and from the high school in which I teach.

There are a million things that could pull me away from working out, but I work around them because I decided that working out is a part of my lifestyle and it is a non-negociable.

When I first began working for a film and media company I used the excuse of 'not-enough-time' a lot and would often let my training and correct eating slide BUT it wasn't until I made up my mind to make fitness and nutrition a priority did I then have 'enough time'. The truth is, my schedule never changed; in fact it got even busier but because my health became a priority I simply made time work for me! I work long hours and then volunteer at Church most evenings (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays), I study part time AND I am a youth leader on Friday evenings. My schedule is jam packed.
However, I still pack my meals every night- I (try) to cook big on Saturdays and Wednesday and just portion my meals from there. I still gym every day- I get up at 4:45 am some mornings and other days I will go straight from work to gym and then to my Church appointment.
I have kettlebells and a stationary bike at home for 'emergency' at home work-outs. often people say I should just skip gym and take a rest but I tell them that is out of the question.
At the end of the day it all comes down to priorities :)

This is the ongoing dilemma in my life.... to train? not to train?

I have to admit, i struggle with making it to the gym at least once a week. I find myself creating excuses like "wellllll, i had a long workout yesterday, so i should take today off" or "hmm... i still have schoolwork to do, so i probably should just stay home" and the list goes on and on.

Being 15 weeks out of a show, there is no room for skipping out on morning cardio or on weight training. so, I've developed a system that seems to really be working.

First, you should know that I cook two times a week--- on Sunday and on Wednesday.

Before I go to sleep, I lay out my gym clothes, I put my vitamins in their container, I put all of my meals into tupperware, i put my preworkout/protein shake/bcaa shake into their shaker cups, and i charge my iPod, i turn my alarm on, and i set my coffee up so its ready to go. I find that ensuring everything is "good to go" in advance really cuts down on my ability to flake out.

when i wake up in the morning, i roll out of bed and turn my coffee on. while it brews, i get dressed and do whatever i need to do in the bathroom. then, i pour my coffee into its cup and drink it on my way to the gym. once I'm there, I'm golden. i finish my morning cardio and head home.

from there, my day goes on, i eat my meals that have already been prepared, and at 3pm my alarm goes off to train. i grab my iPod and my gallon of water no matter what i am doing, and i bolt out the door before something comes up and prevents me from leaving.

so far so good

I've not missed a cardio session (and i do cardio 7 days a week), and I've not skipped a workout (i train 5 days a week)

i think the trick is finding a system that works for YOU.... however, i find comfort in knowing that I'm not the only one who DREADS the gym sometimes


Hello. This is a wonderful topic and every idea is OUTSTANDING! I do what each of you has already listed, thus, we have a common denominator.

For me, my me time is my workout time (mainly).

The common denominator to almost every comment is PLANNING AND PREPARATION!

I pack my work clothes in my gym bag--along with shower towel, workout towel, soap, flip flops and put in IN THE CAR THE NIGHT BEFORE. I don't want to be a target coming out as early as I leave with alot of stuff in my hands.

2) AM workouts before the job work best for me. That way, it's over with in case something comes up after work (which is possible).

3) Even workout clothes and shoes are laid out in advanced.

4) Since my first meal is quick (I have to have something healthy on my stomach as my workouts are rigorous), I have my green tea bag and mug out.

4) Cook my steel oats (all portioned out) in advanced--I don't have time to do it each day since I wake up so early).

5) Meals are prepared mainly on Saturdays (if anything is done on Sunday, it's small as I usually have Bible study on Sundays).

5) In recent weeks, been going to the grocery store on Thursday to get that out before the weekend crowds.

6) Lastly, I think your workouts (even if you aren't training for a show), should be PLANNED. I don't want to "willy milly" my workouts. I need to get the most out of each one so mine are structured and planned. :-) Hope this helps! Great forum. :-)

Cara - I know EXACTLY what you mean! I too find myself getting irritated if I don't make the time to work out and cook my meals for the week. Yet sometimes it's not apparent immediately why I'm anxious. Then when I finally do get my butt to the gym and cook my meals, suddenly I feel calm, relaxed, and am patient with family members and coworkers. Of course the light bulb moment happens - AH HA! Know wonder I've been so stressed! :)

Aford - I love how you have a designated day for cooking your meals. That's PERFECT!

TammyF - Wow... and I thought I was busy! Girl your schedule is PACKED! Good for you to put your health first.

Sarah - You make a good point about your preparation. Being organized is certainly makes staying on track a LOT easier. You have it down to a science!

jcsmitty2 - I really like that idea of cooking oats ahead of time. I sometimes find myself skipping breakfast when I'm running late in the morning for whatever reason (something seems to come up at least once a week!). I'm going to try that.

GREAT suggestions ALL. You gals ROCK!

With love,


Hi Kristin. It's Joan (jcsmitty2). :-). Those greek yogurts with stevia (a couple of packs) and steel oats or heart healthy oatmeal from Trader Joe's work. The HH from TJ's only requires half cup of water and heating the water for 45 seconds. My B'fast is prepared in less than 2 minutes. :-). Yes, these are all great suggestions. Hope you had a good 4th. :-)

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