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FInding Balance

FInding Balance


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This is a blog I wrote a while back about being able to control the balance in your life when not only competing, but in life in general. I know we all struggle with this, myself included. It helps to look back and read about someone else's experience!

While competing it can be tough to find balance between your training, family, friends, and your regular job. So often, we start off juggling our strict training regimes pretty well and throughout our preps as everything becomes a bit more intense (i.e. our workouts and diets) it can be quite exhausting to also satisfy everyone else in our life. But letís be honest, without our friends and family, we have nothing!

If you arenít enjoying life through your prep, you may be putting too much unnecessary stress on yourself. If you allow yourself to have a still have a life outside of the gym, by fighting the urge to hide away because you are tired, hungry, grumpy ectÖ and just be yourself, by going out and having a little fun, you may notice that your results will come even faster. You may even notice more significant changes in your physique, mostly related to your cortisol levels!

Balancing everything out can be tough, but you need to sit down and figure everything out because without the balance you will wind up losing out on what this journey is all about. Can you still go to a party? Yes, you just canít eat the cake, chips, alcohol ectÖ, but you can still partake in all of the great conversation. Can you still go out dancing with the girls? Absolutely, you may not be able to drink, but you can have fun without it J Instead of putting your life on hold during your prep get out there and flaunt your hot, lean body! Donít just wait to strut the stage, go strut the town! It takes so much work, dedication, determination and persistence to get up on that stage, why wait for those few minutes, when you have 12 weeks! I donít know about the rest of you, but I am going to show off my hard work, if people judge me, oh well! I am going to be ME and continue living this life I have built for myself! I will prep myself harder than ever, through the assistance of the best coach, Kim Oddo, and I will make time for all of the other important things in life!

Jessica Jordan

Author: Jessica Jordan

Member Comments

I appreciate your article. However I believe "balance" is an illusion. Striving for balance is not reality. Like striving for happiness. We don't strive for happiness. Happiness is what we are WHILE striving. It's the vehicle. NOT the destination. Take life as it comes. I've never heard anyone say, "I'm looking for balance and found it over here or there"! Or, "Today I will acquire balance"! The whole point is don't lose yourself, family or friends in your prep. If your article was titled, "eliminating undue stress during prep" I may have related better. But balance, well, isn't real. Good luck in your journey as I am sure you will inspire many! :)

There is always a negative one in the bunch! Thanks for that! Have a good day!

Thank you FAB Sister Jessica! I will keep that in mind because sometimes, even just as I am starting out, things get overwhelming because others want me to put my attention solely on them. :)

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