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Beating Post Competition Blues

Beating Post Competition Blues


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Have you crashed after your bikini competition? After months and months of clean eating and exercise you fall into a slump? If so, you're going to like this episode of FABulously Fit Friday.

Just like every other big event in our lives, with all of the hard work, dedication, and commitment leading up to it, a slump can follow immediately after we get home.

Post competition depression is a VERY real thing and can make you spiral out of control, sabotaging all of your progress within a few short weeks without a plan.

What strategies have you used to beat the post competition blues?

Leave your comments below!

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Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Great video and very appropriate for me. I just competed this Saturday and placed 2nd in bikini. I already had planned for another competition in October, so I'm not feeling really blue. I'm thinking already about what I'd like to do after that October show. It may be that I build more muscle over the winter months and compete in figure as well as bikini in the last spring or summer.

Thank you Kristin for such a wonderful website, it really made my first competition go very smoothly!

Anastasia that's awesome! Send me some pics!

And I'm SO glad you like the site. Thank you SO much for being such a huge part of our community.


With love,

Well, I have to admit..... I've been "blue" post competition; however, I've discovered a few things that really help me out.

First, I create a plan to follow the week after the show. I strategically place "treat meals" and also plan my regular meals. This helps me from overindulging on treats and also ensures I don't skip meals. The week after the show is the best time to FEED your body, so it is important (at least for me) to make sure I stay on a plan. I usually foodshop a few days before my show and prepare a few meals for the next day as well so that I am not tempted to cheat.

Also, I usually take two days post show off of work and allow myself "free days" I don't do cardio or visit the gym these two days, i sleep in and nap, i watch movies, etc. i think this really helps my "mental health"

Aside from that, I immediately begin creating a workout program that I will follow when I get back into the gym. This keeps me from "wasting" time while I am there. I take the critiques from the judges and ensure my program effectively targets these areas as well.

I hope that helps.
More than anything, it is important to come to the realization that "show" physique is not practical for "real life" physique. Something has to give, but that doesn't mean you should throw it all away. For me, it is about achieving a balance and maintaining organization and discipline!


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