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If you've ever had a professional spray tan then you'll appreciate my mini rant! And if you haven't you may not want to watch this as it'll FREAK YOU OUT. ;)

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

LOL. This was great! Thank you for sending this out. This made my morning. That is why I've been using Dream Tan for years. :-)

So glad you like it! I was hoping that might make a few smile. :)

That is so hilarious! LOL and so true! I have done it once and it was awefully cold because they did it in a tent outside of the hotel and I was the first one where the heaters weren't warmed up yet. Just terrible! I am only going with Jantana Ultra one now and let some friend do it. :-)

--ms sunshine

Luckily mine has been inside so far. But even THAT was freezing cold! I need to try the Ultra One. I'm hearing lots of great things about it.

So funny! I competed in my first figure competition in July and while I was lucky to be spray tanned by a woman, I had to initially stand in a room naked and freezing cold..but without the tent. Next, I was moved to another room to "dry" with the help of the dreaded fan! Oh and 5-10 minutes later I found myself standing naked with 2 other naked girls who also just got spray tanned shortly after me! We stood in the small confines of that room with one tiny fan blowing on all of us for a little over an hour! :)

LOL! Oh my goodness and I thought I had it bad!!! Love it!!!!

I just laughed so hard!!! and ... now I'm terrified lol

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