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Alcohol is a big no-no for serious fitness gals. While it may be easy to stay off of it, it's not so easy sometimes explaining it.

If you've ever been on a clean eating plan then you have undoubtedly experienced this.

You're at a restaurant with friends and everyone orders drinks, except you.

Then the questions start.

You try to explain, but it's fruitless.

See what happens next.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Love it! I don't drink as well because I don't like the feeling either. I am honest...I order water with lemon :-) They may not get it, but I am not living my life for them.

Love the video Kristen AND what it covers! I think that was a much needed video. The last time I was with friends and I declined drinking I was asked if I was pregnant! This is a good idea & I will remember it.

I dont explain, because it is pointless, I dont like to drink anyways..

Oh my gosh!!! That was so darn hilarious!!! And right on!! And as for the pregnancy question .. "yes, I am", or how about, "we're trying" ... that's always fun ;)

For the past year I have been working in an environment where I was teased for my diet and not drinking. It really made me feel low, depressed and down that I had to conform to hanging out and drinking to be accepted.

Of course I walked away and continued with my passion. I LIFT and eat clean and always will.

Stef, that would def make it interesting and give them something else to talk about if I said "we're trying" or "maybe"! I will remember that too.

Brown eyez, I can relate with you. Although I'm not teased, that is prob because I dont tell everyone at work what I'm doing, but they WATCH everything I eat and make it a big deal because it's the SAME thing every day. If I did tell them it was for a competition there would be more talk & I feel like I'm always explaining it as it is. So... I just try and joke with them now. And will continue to LIFT and eat CLEAN also :-)

You guys are SO awesome! Aw man LizH I totally forgot about the pregnancy assumption. I've had that one happen too!

I just want to mention here as well that I hope no one takes any offense to the AA comments. I had a sweet lady write to me that thought I was poking fun at AA and that is not my intention, even remotely. AA is a hugely important program to so many and I have the highest respect for what they do and the individuals participating that are facing their challenges head on.

This video is quite simply having a little fun with something I experience more often than I can count. It doesn't matter if I'm out with friends, at a function, or with family, some version of this dialogue inevitably happens. There's just so much social pressure to drink and so little understanding of why we don't.

When I refuse to have "just one" the assumption more often than not is exactly as depicted here. I can only chuckle when I'm in these situations, and then jot it down for a fun video for you guys to enjoy. ;)


Love it! I feel the same way. I go to a lot of work events where they serve lunch but I bring my own. When people ask why I am not eating the provided lunch I tell them I have a lot of food allergies so I have to bring my own. Makes things easier than saying I eat clean.
--judi K

I had to laugh as I watched this video. This is ME all the way. I don't drink for all of the reasons stated and most of all to feel healthy. I wish I could play this video at my next dinner with friends ;)

Destinyny you should! Pull it up on your phone at your next dinner. ;)

I'm glad you got a good laugh from this. :)

With love ~Kristin

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