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Why You Can't Lose Fat

Why You Can't Lose Fat


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The #1 question personal trainers get is, "How do I lose this fat?" Individuals have seemingly tried everything but still struggle get those inches off. If this is you, here are a few reasons that this may be happening.

-- Consuming Too Many Calories --

Most of the time we tend to overestimate the amount of calories we burn during the day and underestimate the number of calories we eat. You simply will not lose fat if you're consuming more calories than you are burning. Your body will store the excess for later use.

So make sure to keep a journal of everything you're eating during the day. There are many free apps out there now that make this process super easy.

If you're not losing fat, and your eats are clean and on the figure competitor's list of approved foods, then you're likely not burning more than you're taking in. You need to either reduce your caloric intake or step up your exercise.

-- You're Not Eating Enough Food --

This flies in the face of what I just said I know. But this one is a biggie that I see all the time. It sabotages the best efforts of well-meaning dieters.

If you are going too low in calories your body goes into starvation mode. This means it will automatically slow your metabolism down to ensure the vital functions are being met, and hold onto every ounce of fat you currently have on your body.

So what do you burn for energy then?

Good 'ole hard earned muscle.

Avoid this trap by making sure you are consuming at least your BMR.

-- You Think You're Eating Clean But You're Not --

While you may be taking in less calories than you are expending, the types of foods and timing of them is still important.

If you're eating foods that spike your insulin at the wrong times, your body will produce fat.

Some of these diet "sabotagers" are milk, breads, and sugar laden protein bars (see: How Your Current Diet May be Making You Fat).

Make sure to keep your eats are as close to the source as possible, meaning unprocessed. The more processed the food, the less effective it is for fat loss.

-- You're Not Kicking Up The Cardio Burn Enough --

While many guys may be able to get away with just training with weights and little cardio to get that lean physique, us women are a bit different.

Women's bodies are made to hold on to fat. That's just nature. Because we have the privilege of carrying babies, we also carry the mechanisms to ensure their, and our, survival. This includes a stubbornness of our bodies to give up the very thing that is likely to help us through famine - fat stores.

The one way to break down that is through cardio. Whether it's HIIT or steady state cardio, make sure it's enough to get your heart rate into that target zone of 65% to 85% of your resting rate.

Doing any more than that for long periods and you'll likely eat into your muscle. Doing any less and you won't burn fat.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Very good. All good points I've hears & seen before.

Very good video. Plan on bookmarking it on my you tube account. When I started last August, I had a major mishap in my apartment that forced me to immediately move. Was displaced (staying with relatives) for 4 months until I was able to get my own place in Dec. Started back May 2012. Dad was hospitalized two weeks nearly back to back in late June/early July. This time, I continued my workouts and ate clean (maybe one cheat meal over the weekend).

I think my reason is time. I'm going to take my time and like you said here (and to me before), I started MONTHS out because I want to enjoy the process, and have alot of fat and weight to lose.

The scale issue is now resolved, otherwise, I know that time will tell. I've also been getting allery shots and take over the counter allergy meds (allegra). So I know it's going to happen. I'm glad you did this video! Thanks Kristin. :-)

CORRECTION: Allergy shots. :-0 sorry.

HOME RUN!!! GREAT VIDEO! I love the way you explain " source" food. Also good advise to not obsess about the scale & LISTEN TO YOUR TRAINER!!! Thank you for this. My girlfriends all need this video.

Is it 65-85% of resting, or target heart rate?? Typo?

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