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How to Stop Binging Once and for All

How to Stop Binging Once and for All


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Kristin Shaffer How to Stop Binging

If you go from diet to diet, program to program, then this episode of FABulously Fit Friday is for you. We explore the various reasons women binge, the triggers that send them down that road, and how to get rid of this behavior once and for all.

Binging, or sabotaging our clean eating lifestyle (see: Clean Eating Works) is one of the top reasons women don't achieve their goals. Or if they do achieve their goals, they don't sustain them.

After years of seeing my mother struggle with this I vowed to learn all I could about how not to fall into that pattern.

Fortunately neuro-science is on our side and provides the answers.

Check it out in the video below.

I would love to hear if you've ever struggled with binge habits and what you have done to combat them.

With love,


p.s. Make sure to watch through to end as you'll see how crazy my household really can be!

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments


phew! just in time!!! I am in my final few weeks before my competition, and I find myself wanting to eat more as I know my calories are decreasing! Thanks again :)

Hi Kristin. Thanks for sharing a topic that is rarely discussed and giving us tools to address these issues. All of it was eye-opening--especially the part about not rewarding yourself with a cheat meal/cheat day. Many trainers, fitness pros, and I've heard a couple of nutrition PhD's encourage a cheat meal. But the more I think about what you said, it makes sense. Plus, it takes alot of self-control not to go over board and turn a cheat meal into a cheat day! Thank you so much. :-)

Great Video ! I read a great quote recently that went along the lines of: ''I am not a dog, so I don't need to be rewarded with food.''There is a lot of truth in that quote !
On another note: I would encourage people to find healthy alternatives to thier 'cheat' meals, there are so many fresh, whole foods bursting with flavour that can be used to make great tasting meals. Eg, whole oats protien pancakes, almond protien muffins, wheat-free oat protien snaps- there are so many options to make any 'dirty' meal clean! get creative, its far more rewarding eating a food that not only is good for you but tatses great and knowing that YOU created it!!

Great video! I took notes b/c I go a couple of days then cheat and it isn't pretty. I am going to get on this right away. Thanks Kristin.

Wonderful! So glad this is helpful. :):)

With love ~Kristin

Unfortunately I have struggled with binging habits myself. There were times where I would actually go out and buy sugary junk and sit down and eat it ALL. Although this was good in the moment, I inevitably felt sick after each binge.

In my last 3 weeks of prep of my first Figure competition - and I've binged twice in one week :/ I have the nutrition plan and all the tools - but my triggers are after a workout when I'm home with the kids. I've had my isolate and piece of fruit but as soon as I get home and dinner has to be started, homework has to get done, sports have practice I feel overwhelmed and immediately.. HUNGRY! I'm usually prepping my dinner meal at the same time as cooking for the rest of the family but I feel the stress of everything needing to get done. I feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed... I do so well all day at work and my workouts are amazing... It's like "I give up on myself..." The first time it was a bag of jelly beans... the second time it was anything I could find... HELP!

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