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What weight should I be to compete in Bikini or Figure?

What weight should I be to compete in Bikini or Figure?


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There were so many women wanting to know what weight they should be to step on stage we decided to open that question up to Facebook to see what results we got. Now while there certainly isn't one ideal weight to be for either bikini or figure, the range is surprisingly more narrow than one would think. Read on for the results.

-Pnba Pro I'm 5'7 135-140 lbs

-5'5 1/2 113 last show.......122 this show ♥ Live & learn!

-im 5'6"ish..... weighed 117 last show... hoping to come in at 120 this show :)

-I am competing in my first show this May. I am 5'51/2 and now in the 'building' stage. I am currently 125 so thought I would need to be about 110 to compete. This is great feedback..I am guessing maybe try for 115? I would love advice from you ladies. I am building but my weight has been staying the same.. went up to 127 for a bit and then back down.. bf% is progressively getting lower so I know I am building muscle though

-5'9", 135

-5'4. 1/2 119 first 123 this last show

-4'11" I will probably come in at about 98-99 lbs.

-5'5.5 and 125

-5'4 1/2...i was 115 first show and 110 on my sec n third show which i placed first n second in. ( bikini). I find leaning out legs is toughest for me sometines thn i lose upper body.

-5'4 1/2 first show 128 I am a Figure competitor hope to hit 124 for this show!!!

-I'm 4 11. Stage weight should be 100 lbs. I'm 96. Its dang tricky!! Ugh.

-5'8 145lbs

-5'3.5" 124 last show. Placed first. 13% bf hopin for 11.5 and 126. Put on more muscle this time.

-5'4 116 first show 118 second show hoping to be about 120 in my shows for next year as growth has been my main objective during this off season.

-5'1"...100 lbs.

-I'm 5'5.5 and shooting for 120 for my first show...I'm 127 right now. I don't have a show in my area till june...argh! At least it will give me lots of time for trial and error and hopefully come in right where I plan :) any tips are greatly appreciated! This site is so great! Thanks for all the info! You are all a great inspiration!

-I'm 5'1" and I won my pro card at about 108 lbs :)

-Around 110-113. I'm 5'3

-5'4 119 lbs

-5'9 135 lbs but my goal is 140. :)

-5'7.5" & around 135ish. Beefed it up this show & I liiiike it! :)

-5'7 130lbs

-5"4 117

-Thanks so much for posting! I have been seriously thinking about competing but had NO idea about what weight I would need to get to. I feel a little better now, I am 5'8" and I feel like I need to transform a bit, but not drop serious weight. Makes me feel a bit better :)

-5'7" and at 130 right now, "supposed" to come in around 124/125...2.5 weeks to see what happens.

-Maybe a better question is what is your body fat percentage. Weight & height is so subjective & also different for figure & bikini. Figure is generally higher weight, lower BF & bikini is lower weight, higher BF.

-I'm 5'11. How common are tall figure competitors? I know I've found some online, but based in the responses here it looks like the average height is about 5'4" on tall end? Has that been your experience or is this just coincidence based on limited responses?

-That's a great point and would be wonderful to know. But unfortunately I don't think a lot of know their body fat % though. And even the ones that are being measured the measurements vary widely. Difference for figure and bikini usually is only a few % points, which can be as narrow of a range as 5 to 10 pounds. So I think these numbers can be very helpful to many that are trying to figure out what their 'target range' should be, especially when they have a significant amount of body fat to lose. ♥

-I have definitely noticed the classes under 5'6" or so are pretty huge these days in figure. Bikini classes seem more balanced in numbers. That perhaps could be that muscle on taller competitors is "spread out" over a long space and therefore taller competitors look as if they are carrying less muscle mass than shorter ones even thought the lean muscle mass may be equal. Think a rubber band relaxed and stretched. ♥

-First show so i am not exactly sure, 6 weeks in to training, with six weeks to go and i have lost 7lbs of fat and gained 3.8 of lean. I am 5'9 and 138 now. Hoping not to get to skinny, Easier to lose fat and water than to gain muscle!

-After my first show I stopped cardio, ate over 2,000 clean cals & didn't start my 'cut' until 8 weeks out this time! And of course, lifted HEAVY! Last time I cut for 17 weeks :/ and was doing a lot of cardio the last 4 weeks.

-5'6" 117. 7% bf. and i looked way too skinny!

Author: Kristin Shaffer

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And just for a frame of reference, IFBB Pro Nicole Wilkins just posted on her Facebook page that her stage weight is 125 lbs. If I'm not mistaken she's 5'5 1/2"

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