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The Scale is Evil

The Scale is Evil


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kristin shaffer evil scale

Do you constantly check the scale? Do the results of the scale determine whether or not you have a good day? Or whether or not you stick to your diet and exercise plan? If so, this episode of FABulously Fit Friday is perfect for you.

Okay - I admit it - I was once a chronic scale watcher. It's sad but true.

Fortunately I learned from the best in the industry and turned that evil thing into my friend.

Check out how you can do that too.

And be sure to share your weight loss experiences in the comments below. Have you ever been a slave to the scale and if you beat it, how did you do so?

Thank you so much for being part of Figure & Bikini. I feel so fortunate to be able to connect with each of you.

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Great topic.... and I am SO glad you posted it. I have no reason to lie, so here it is:

After YEARS of an eating disorder.... and finally overcoming my fear to EAT .... i still struggled with one thing::: THE SCALE

After every meal, I would weigh myself. Every time I used the restroom, I would get on it. In the morning and before bed, on the scale again. I was completely addicted. I guess my boyfriend picked up on my obsession because he sat me down and had the "talk" LOL

Calmly, he explained that he has noticed I am using the scale too often and that he is worried my obsession will turn back into my disorder. After a little bit of a fight and some tears, I agreed to allow for him to hide it. At first, I was permitted to weight myself once a week- at the same time. However, as time passed, I did a little soul searching and determined the following:

1. I only care to weigh myself when I am not following my off season meal plan. When I am being "good" or dieting for a show, I dont care what my weight is. Which lead me to my other discovery---

2. I used the scale to determine what I would/would not allow myself to eat. Off season, I had a hard time balancing this newfound food freedom. So, I would base my cheat meals on the number the scale showed. Dumb--- I KNOW! If I were "light enough," I would treat myself... if not, I would skip my meals until I hit the ideal number. NO BUENO.

Finally, I have come to a point in my life where I don't need the scale. Like food, I have learned to use it as a TOOL that is only used when I am preparing for a show and only so that my coach can keep tabs on where my weight is at.

It is an ongoing struggle for me.... and i am sure for so many others.

Thank you for posting this.

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!! THANK YOU!!! You make so much sense while making me laugh!!!! LOVE YOU GIRL!!! <3

Thanks Sara for sharing your journey and struggle. Kristin hit so many things on the nail. We are trained as kids by our parents, teachers, etc. to "eat less", and exercise more to lose weight. No one ever taught us in Home Ec (which had a nutrition side) about metabolism, insulin resistance (I know it wasn't mentioned here, but it is related to what we eat), body fat percentage.

These things simply aren't taught in the traditional education system. So these horrible tapes remain with us and stay in our heads even when we don't realize it.

I really don't even want to weigh once a week, but a trainer encouraged it. From today forward, once every 2 weeks is fine with me. Also, since my clothes are getting loose (some even falling off), then that's enough success for me.

Great video! Thank you! :-)

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