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Reuniting With the Old (but Improved) Me

Reuniting With the Old (but Improved) Me


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Heartbreak caused me to fall off the healthy eating wagon. However, the decision to take my life back ultimately lead me to the Bikini stage! And now I'm feeling pretty good. :)

For the past 2 years, I have NEVER lost my enthusiasm in the gym, but often comforted myself with food after I got my heart broken. I kept killing myself in the gym, throwing off my muscle enzyme and thyroid count at one point, and kept gaining weight instead of losing. I would workout, eat 'somewhat' clean..and then eat cookies, chocolates and fat-laden lattes with the logic that since I didn't have someone in my life to love, I will let sweets satisfy me. I know, sad..but true.

It has been a dream of my brother and I to attend the Mr. Olympia contest for years, but could not afford it. This time, we were able to! And my first thought was, "There is no way in hell I'm going to be around these athletes like this." So I started doing a figure competition diet to ensure I looked good when meeting these people. Lol. AND as a more definite way to make sure I stayed on the diet, I signed up for the 2012 Flex Bikini Model Contest...which yes, I knew they did not prefer muscle for this type of contest, but it wasn't about that for me. It was about getting the old Keri back. I have never in my life weighed as much as I did (146 lbs) and didn't want to stay that way. So here are my progress pics- front view- LEFT at 146 lbs, RIGHT TWO PICS at somewhere between 126 and 128 lbs (I didn't do my own weigh-in the day of the show for some reason..guess I didn't want to freak out. Lol). And I did it in 9.5 weeks.

So now that I'm home from Vegas, I've decided that I want to do a REAL Bikini competition (rather than a model search). I am already aware, and have been told that I have more a Figure body because I'm more muscular, but the Figure suit is too much damn money right now. Hahaha! I just want to get back on stage and force myself to be the best I can be. Oddly enough, I did not completely enjoy eating whatever I wanted for those few days after the show-- I have massive heartburn issues (GERD) and it kept me up all night. When I'm dieting, I don't need the Nexium at all. So it wasn't hard to get back on the diet.

The NPC Gold's Classic is 9 days away, and I'm pretty excited. I'm praying it all goes well!

Author: Keri Walters

Member Comments

Keri you are an inspiration! Congratulations on your incredible life changes and know that you are NOT alone. There is nothing sad at all about your journey. It's the dips and falls that inspire us to be the best we can be. It's those moments and experiences that truly define who we are. Thank you so very much for sharing your amazing story!

With love and respect,


Thank you Kristin! :)

I am so happy you shared your story. What an inspiration you are! Congratulations to you on your success thus far. I am confident that you will continue to do big things, and I am eager to watch your progress. Keep us posted ;)

& of course, if you ever need anything, DONT HESITATE! We got your back.

Thanks for the kind words, Sarah!

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